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Tips & Tricks for Beginning In Gnosia

by Jesse Vitelli

Gnosia can be a little daunting at first, especially if you’re new to the murder-mystery game. Here are some tips and tricks for beginning in Gnosia.

Tips & Tricks for Beginning In Gnosia

1. First off, failure is ok. You’re going to get killed or vote the wrong people off a lot. The game accounts for it, and if you see a round going south, don’t be afraid to play it out. The overarching story of Gnosia is more about experimentation and completing loops rather than winning every single round. 

The rounds only last about ten minutes, so you’re never far off from starting fresh and being able to try out a new approach or simply reset the board.

2. Talk to characters. In between voting rounds, you’ll have the option to talk to various crewmates around the ship. If you ever see a red exclamation point on the map, go there. It will give you more information on a character or situation and will be added to your data log for future games. 

3. Don’t forget to level up! Leveling up can be done in between voting rounds but comes at the cost of not being able to talk to a character before the subsequent voting round. Be sure to level up your stats when you feel like you don’t need additional information. You’ll get experience after each completed loop. Be sure to spend those points!

Speaking of points, investing in Logic early on can be super helpful. Sometimes you have pieced together who the Gnosia is, but the game doesn’t want to listen to you. Having a higher logic will make it easier for characters to believe you and vote your preferred way. This helps mitigate some of the RNG thrown your way. 

4. Adjust the settings! After a few loops, you’ll be able to tool around with how many NPC’s there are, which roles are available in a loop, and even your own role. Don’t hesitate to shake things up and try new combinations. The game encourages it and even tells you that special occurrences are more likely to happen based on weird setting combinations. Experiment experiment experiment! 

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These are just a few tips & tricks I found to be useful. I hope you find them helpful too. For more tips & tricks, be sure to keep an eye on Prima Games. If you want to chat, reach out on the official Prima Games Twitter and Facebook pages.


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