Tips for Playing Dying Light: The Following

Get the buggy, set traps and find cool stuff to survive against the horde.

With the addition of The Following expansion, a whole new area opened up in Dying Light, filled with unique terrain to cover on foot or behind the wheel of your new Buggy. Of course, there’s more to this game than driving. You’ll need to use your wits and parkour skills to escape all those zombies. Don’t worry. Our tips and tricks for Dying Light: The Following will keep you alive.

Level Up

Although you can jump into The Following with an all-new hero, it will take time to level up and unlock perks like the grappling hook and the drop kick. It helps if you played the game and already play with a strong Kyle Crane.

The open nature of the game presents a much greater difficulty than you might be used to with the base version, so make sure you rank up properly if you don’t have a character to choose from. You can earn many of the perks by running through the original story, then jump into The Following and put them to good use.

Your best bet is to reach Level 12, right when you gain access to the grappling hook. This will help with maneuverability and making quick escapes to avoid becoming a zombie’s lunch. Plus, until you get used to the new surroundings, it’s best to survey the environment from a distance, or at the very least, fortify your buggy so you can run through groups of zombies without losing precious health.

Get the Buggy

Like the grappling hook, the Buggy is essential for getting around. Otherwise you’ll do everything on foot and it could take some time reaching your next objective.

To acquire the Buggy, complete a couple of story missions first. These are great when it comes to getting acquainted with the game content, so jump in, and soon you’ll be able to go for a ride.

Even better, you can trick out the buggy with a variety of items and decorations to make it a full-blown zombie-killing machine. Definitely go for the flamethrower!

Be on the Lookout for Cool Stuff

Along with Bobbleheads and cosmetic skins you can equip on the Buggy, Dying Light: The Following comes with a number of extra items necessary for crafting. These include screws, wire and other essentials. More importantly you’ll find gas, perhaps the most important thing in the game. You don’t want to be stranded at night.

Set Traps

The Following comes with more opportunities to set traps. These not only conserve your ammunition, but can also save your neck if you suddenly become surrounded by the horde. On top of that, traps can make quick work of Bombers, nasty zombies that explode and deal major damage.

Be sure to do some exploring with your Buggy and set every trap you come across. Don’t forget to make use of other items the environment as well, like spike-covered walls that you can kick a zombie into.

It may take a little extra time to set these traps, but you’ll thank us later as groups of zombies die in the most graphic ways possible.

Otherwise, feel free to explore, don’t forget to cruise around for kicks (while taking care of your ride), and watch out for when zombies try to sneak up on you – always have a way out. Good luck, and enjoy The Following!

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