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The Top Legends to Bring to Apex Legends New Control Mode

Long live the Queen.

by Daphne Fama

It’s that time of year, Legends. There’s a new Heirloom in the shop and a whole host of new cosmetics you’ll need to buy if you want a guaranteed shot of getting it. But distract yourself from that huge cash sink with the return of an old favorite game mode: Control.

Control will run from January 10 to January 23 and will offer players a chance to prove their objective-based supremacy. But there are few legends that simply excel at this mode. Here are the top legends to bring to Apex Legend’s Control Mode.

The Top Legends to Bring to Apex Legends New Control Mode

Honestly, there are a handful of Legends that are so supremely busted in this mode that if you see them camped out on the point, it’s almost better to give up and try another flag. This is the only mode where defensive heroes reign supreme.


Look, Wattson might have one of the lowest pick rates of all the Legends when it comes to Battle Royale, but in Control? She is a fence-laying God. Her Ultimate allows her to completely delete grenades, making her extremely powerful, and if she places her fence correctly and her teammates aren’t awful, she’s extremely hard to pry out of her hole. If I want to sweat out those wins, I pick Wattson every time.

It helps that her cosmetics are cute, too.


Caustic will never be as good as Wattson in Battle Royale because all it takes is a few decent grenades to blow him out of his stink hole. But he does work really well in conjunction with a Wattson or Rampart by preventing pushes. After all, you can’t sacrifice that tick damage and slow debuff when a Rampart with her mini-gun blasts 100 bullets a second into you.


Shifting to the offensive side, one of the best Legends is Fuse. Beyond his fantastic personality and witty quips, his Knuckle Cluster can destroy Caustic gas canisters, destroy Rampart barriers, and kill Wattson fences. It also has the added benefit of making enemies scurry out of their position, giving you a chance to get a good angle on them when you push.

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Bloodhound or Seer

It feels like cheating to have both of these legends in the same slot, but they both offer the same utility. Before you make a push, you’re going to want to know precisely what’s inside the point. After all, a common tactic for enemy defenders is to sit around a corner, crouched, with a shotgun, and wait for some fool to walk within knee-blasting range.

Bloodhound and Seer make it abundantly clear who’s on point and what angles they’re in. This is almost essential, as many Control pushes are all number and positioning games.

But ultimately, the best Legend to bring is the Legend you’re having fun with. Unless you’re playing Lifeline. Please don’t. I don’t care if you have a daily challenge. Some squad will happily welcome you in Arenas or Battle Royale.

Daphne Fama

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