The Fastest Way to Level Any Battle Pass in Halo Infinite

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If you’re a returning Halo Infinite player whose interest was piqued by the flood (heh) of Season 5 news, you’re almost certainly behind the curve when it comes to previous seasons’ battle passes. Let’s assume you’re somebody who cares about cosmetics and also cares enough to want to earn them. If so, what’s the best, and fastest, way to get all those goodies? Here’s the fastest ways to level up any battle pass in Halo Infinite.

Level Any Battle Pass Fast in Halo Infinite With These Tips

Use Double XP Tokens Wisely – If you’re leveling any of Halo’s battle passes, you’ll be swimming in double xp tokens before you know it. Hang on to these, as timing their use properly will maximize gains. Here’s how:

  • Pop XP Tokens when you’re flush with easy-to-complete challenges, and/or at the start of the daily reset (when the 500 xp match challenge pops up)
  • Use them in conjunction with high-xp modes like Squad or Big Team Battle
  • Only use them when you’ll be playing for the full hour they’re active

Complete Challenges Synergistically – if you have challenges to complete for the week, be sure to try to tackle more than one at a time. If you’re doing so, I’d strongly recommend using an XP Token, as mentioned above. An example of this strategy would be the following two challenges:

I’m Helping! – Earn Kills or Assists (20)
Terran Terror – Kill Enemy Spartans with UNSC Weapons (10)

These two challenges can be progressed at the same time since they overlap. Always be on the lookout for these, particularly challenges that ask you to play certain game modes, as letting challenges languish can slow down your progress greatly!

Play What You Like! – This may sound counterintuitive, but I think it’s important to remember not to optimize the fun out of the game! Don’t sweat too much if it takes you longer to level up your battle pass as long as you aren’t driving yourself mad doing so. With Custom games granting XP (up to 7,500 per day!), there’s really no excuse not to play what you love.

If you’re planning on leveling the brand-new pass first, take a look at the new changes coming to Season 5’s rewards!

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