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Fastest and Easiest Way to Get the Apple Pie Achievement in Atomic Heart

I too wish I was a chaos bear in the Garden of Eden

by Daphne Fama

One of the more interesting moments of Atomic Heart is when P-3 gets knocked out cold and winds up in a strange dreamland called Limbo. Limbo is spotted with apples, which you’ll need to collect for the Apple Pie Achievement. But what if I told you there was a way not to spend an hour jumping on beds to collect it? Here’s the fastest and easiest way to get the Apple Pie Achievement in Atomic Heart.

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Get the Apple Pie Achievement in Atomic Heart

Once you awaken in Limbo, you’ll find yourself in a little hut surrounded by apples. There are 114 total apples to collect, and it feels very reminiscent of those old-school games on the early PlayStation. The apples are massive, they glow, and you get a satisfying ding when you manage to get one.

The only problem? The platforming can be exceedingly tedious. And with so many apples to collect, you might be tempted to just skate on by and follow the dreamy voice beckoning you on.

But don’t worry; there’s an easy way to complete this challenge. But it does involve abusing the load game button. So, feel free to jump ship if you prefer your achievements earned the intended way.

There are around 30 apples near your house. Gather these up. And yes, sadly, we’ll need to do some platforming. I find the second bed puzzle isn’t worth the struggle, but there’s a third bed right before the lake that’s pretty easy to do.

If you’re struggling to get into the geometric dome climber, look for the triangle that doesn’t have a bar on the bottom. Crouch and pass through this triangle, and you should be able to enter.

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Once you have 30, load your game, picking the “Unknown Space” save. You’ll restart in the hut, but the game will retain knowledge about how many apples you’ve picked. Repeat the harvest you did last save, then load up the game again. Do so four times, if you’ve collected 30 each time, and the achievement Apple Pie will pop.

Congrats! You’ve saved yourself a lot of suffering.

If you’re curious, here’s whether or not you can save the trapped man you met at the very start of the game.

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