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The Butcher Borderlands 3 Guide: How to Get This Legendary

by Ginny Woo

If you need a little more loot to go with your shoot in Borderlands 3, then you’re probably scouting every single planet for weapons. Whether they’re incendiary, electric, or just downright great at decimating your enemies, we just can’t get enough of the damn guns in this game and we’re lucky that there’s so many of them. Check out our tips on how to get The Butcher Borderlands 3 weapon, and why it’s good.

The Butcher Borderlands 3 Guide

The Butcher is a legendary Hyperion shotgun which has been a fan-favorite in the past Borderlands games, so we’re pretty pleased that it’s making a return here to help you tear your way through all manner of things scattering around Pandora. Its stats can look a little like this if it drops tuned for Level 50:

  • Accuracy of 72%
  • Damage of 486 x 3
  • Fire Rate of 8.51/s
  • Handling of 74%
  • Magazine Size of 10
  • Reload Time of 3.1s

The thing that we like about this weapon, morbid as it might be, is the Fresh Meat trait. It essentially means that the weapon has a chance to refill its magazine when it’s fired, so you can theoretically keep running and gunning your way through anyone stupid enough to stand in your way. Its fire rate makes it the logical choice when you need to deplete someone’s health bar, and when is that never not something you need in Borderlands 3? When you find The Butcher in-game, it will often spawn with an element type, which can make it much more useful than your garden-variety legendary. 

However, here’s the kicker about how to get The Butcher Borderlands 3 Legendary: it’s a random drop. Essentially, this means that you don’t have a set enemy to kill, or a set area to scout through if you’re looking for it. This is both a positive and a negative: you can farm a whole ton of bosses until it drops, which is a method, or you can keep digging around in toilets and loot chests to find it. If you’re wanting to farm a boss in particular, we would recommend the Graveward (and we even have a boss guide for that). You can also farm Loot Tinks, since, well, they’re lots of people’s favorite way to get Legendaries in-game. Whatever your method, we hope that our guide has given you a headstart.

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