The Best Heroes for Capture the Flag in Overwatch 2

CTF: a game mode where at least one person is guaranteed to quit

With the arrival of Overwatch 2’s Lunar New Year event, there’s a whole host of prizes to be won, from titles to even skins (which might be lackluster to Overwatch 1 veterans). But this is a game mode where a host of select characters excel, while others flounder. Here are the best possible heroes to choose in Capture the Flag.

The Best Heroes for Capture the Flag in Overwatch 2

The chosen heroes were selected for the arcade mode Capture the Flag, and not Capture the Flag Blitz, though many of the same principles overlap.


Here’s a reoccurring theme on this list. Tanks. In a game mode that feels like Quick Play Open Queue, tanks reign supreme. In Overwatch 2 tanks are essentially mini-bosses, capable of putting out nearly equal damage to any DPS character (or more, if you’re Roadhog) while absorbing and negating a significant amount of damage to boot.

And in a game mode like Capture the Flag, where you’re frequently in a death ball, being one tank of many can make you feel invincible. But Orisa tops this list for two reasons. First is her ability to fortify, which negates damage and prevents her from being affected by certain stunning abilities. The second is her Javelin Spin, which propels her forward a little faster than other tanks. These two factors combine to make her a fantastic hero to capture flags.


Roadhog is in every list for Overwatch, from most hated to most useable. And that’s for good reason. It’s likely you’ll find yourself with less heals than ideal while grinding out wins in Capture the Flag. But with Roadhog, you’re able to sustain yourself in a way that other tanks simply can’t. This allows you to push forward where other heroes can’t.

Your ability to immediately delete any DPS and Support hero is also invaluable, and so is your Ultimate. Roadhog’s Ultimate Whole Hog should be used to either clear the point or create space, allowing you to either secure the flag or allow another hero to bring it home.

Sigma or Rammatra

Sigma and Rammatra perform the same function, which is eat damage. Sigma is better at swallowing bullets but Rammatra’s Nemesis form and Ultimate seem custom made for Capture the Flag, as they both have a wide area of effect that can deny space or secure kills from enemies who are being forced to defend.

Either hero offers utility, but it depends on whether you intend to play defensive (Sigma) and protect your flag carrier or offensively (Rammatra) by killing anyone who dares get in your way.

Torbjorn / Bastion / Symmetra

I’m including DPS so they don’t feel left out. This is not a game mode where DPS excel, unless you happen to be an exceptionally good DPS. If that’s you, great, keep doing what you’re doing.

But otherwise, if you really want to play DPS I’d highly recommend a defensive hero like Torbjorn, Symmetra, or Bastion. Torbjorn and Symmetra both have defensive tools that can be left near point, which will slow or briefly deter a potential Flag stealer, though they should play with their team, moving in an aggressive death ball formation. Nothing makes me sadder than seeing a Torbjorn who’s married to his poorly placed turret, as that Torbjorn will be alone at base and immediately get nuked by an enemy tank.

Bastion is the one DPS that I’d say is fine to play purely defensively at point, as his tank form is strong enough to melt through Roadhog or Sigma and Rammatra shields.

Moira and Lucio

You’re a kind, selfless soul if you intend to play Support in Capture the Flag. The world needs more people like you. The absolute best healers to play are Moira and Lucio, for similar reasons. Both are extremely slippery and thus are far more likely to survive the brutal team fights that will erupt when two death balls meet. Both are capable of giving their entire team heals, so long as they’re knotted together.

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Where they differ is their position in the team. Lucio is perfectly capable of speed-boosting his way into enemy territory and snagging the flag. Moira can technically do so as well, but she’s more likely to die. Instead, Moira should be used defensively to snipe down any Lucios, Sombras, or stray Symmetras. And her Coalescence? Excellent for whittling down the enemy teams’ tanks, who I guarantee aren’t getting enough healing.

All in all, Capture the Flag is utter chaos and you should just have fun with it. But if you really want to win, I can’t stress how good Orisa and Roadhog are.

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