The Angel of Death (Aruna) Hunt Location & Rewards in Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI)

How many of these things are there?

Shortly after unlocking the Hunt Board in the new and improved Hideaway, you’ll find that there are several Notorious Marks available. The most intriguing among them is The Angel of Death, which has no picture. Here’s how to find The Angel of Death in Final Fantasy 16, along with the rewards it will give you.

The Angel of Death (Aruna) Hunt Location & Rewards in Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI)

The Hunt Board bounty for The Angel of Death doesn’t offer much information. Those who reported this notorious mark’s existence only heard its shrill laughter from its trees, and its flashing, wild eyes. But we do know that it’s in The Holy Empire of Sanbreque.

Upon arriving in Sanbreque, select the Northreach Obelisk in the middle of the map. The Angel of Death is located in Claireview, in the Southeast. You’ll see it flying in the fields, nowhere close to the forest as the Hunt Board claimed.

 The Angel of Death's Location
Screenshots by Prima Games | The Angel of Death’s Location

And it cuts a familiar figure. This Notorious Mark, called Aruna, looks very much like one of Benedikta’s harpy sisters. Perhaps it’s a long-lost sibling?  

Aruna is a level 27 monster. Similar to your fight against Suparna and Chirada, Aruna will use a medley of Aero-based attacks, including wing spins and Aero balls.

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Rewards for Defeating The Angel of Death (Aruna) in Final Fantasy 16

Upon Defeating The Angel of Death Aruna (Mark Rank C), you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • Clouded Eye (crafting item)
  • 350 experience
  • 40 ability points
  • 6200 Gold
  • 10 Renown

Running around the fields, searching for Notorious Marks can be quite tedious. If you haven’t grabbed your Chocobo, now is the time to get it! Check out how to get your very own chicken horse here: FFXVI: How to Get a Chocobo.

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