Texas Chainsaw Massacre Patch Notes (September 5 Patch)

Bubba will be happy with these changes.

It looks like Bubba’s chainsaw is getting a little more gas, as the team at Gun Interactive prepares its first major patch for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. While the game is an absolute blast to play, there are a few nagging issues that are keeping it from reaching its true potential, and it looks like this patch is looking to bring an end to a large portion of them. Let’s find out what the team is working on behind the scenes, and get ready for some major changes coming to the game for September 5.

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All Patch Notes For September 5 Patch In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Below, you’ll find all of the updates coming to TCSM when the patch releases in the early morning hours of September 5, 2023:

  • Fixed: PC stuttering on Ultra graphics settings
    • This fix resolves graphical issues when running the game on Ultra settings with appropriate hardware.
    • This also fixes an issue causing FPS drops when attacking or grappling with opponents while running the game on Ultra settings with appropriate hardware.
  • Fixed: Voice chat not working in lobbies for party members
    • This fix is for an issue where party members would lose voice chat functionality once in a lobby.
  • Fixed: XP Progression
    • This fix resolves a UI issue that would appear to rank up after every match, despite not gaining the required XP to do so.
    • This fix also resolves inaccurate XP and XP delays related to earning XP.
  • Fixed: Various Crashes and Freezes
    • This includes a PS4 crash related to unlocking trophies.
    • This also includes a fix for high level players experiencing a crash on the match results screen.

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  • Changed: Key Rebinding
    • We’ve added key rebinding to the PC version of the game.
  • Changed: Lobbies will now launch with 6 players
    • This change should help lobbies get running smoother, quicker, and with less drops due to incomplete lobbies.
    • Leatherface is STILL required for a match.
  • Changed: Quick Match Menu
    • We’ve moved Quick Match to the top of the menu options when looking to join games.
    • Quick Match will result in not only quicker matchmaking into a lobby, but also fuller lobbies.
  • Changed: PC Removed from Cross Play
    • We are temporarily separating PC from the console player base in cross play while we continue to improve our anti-cheat tools and resources.
  • Tuning: EAC and Anti Cheat Improvements
    • We have made several improvements to our anti-cheat and protection from additional cheat resources.
    • We’ve also improved our tracking and logging for cheat detection and consistent future improvement.

While some folks may be upset with the cross-play features being toned down for the time being, there are unfortunately a fair number of players ruining things for all types of gamers. However, it is great to see that some of the issues I had with the game during my review session, such as the stuttering framerate are being addressed rather quickly and efficiently.

Playing as either the Victims or the Family in this intense asymmetrical multiplayer experience can be some of the most exciting gaming moments you experience, so make sure that you’re checking out our Texas Chainsaw Massacre section below to get your hands on all of the information you could need. Be sure to bring a few extra Bone Shards on your next adventure out of the basement so you can buy yourself some time.

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