Tears of the Kingdom: What to Do with the Ring Garland?

Mostly a fashion statement.

Link with a fused ring garland shield at the stand in Kakariko Village.

In Tears of the Kingdom, players have a unique opportunity to purchase a ring garland from a young shopkeeper that serves as a souvenir of their visit to the Ring Ruins. In the following guide, we’ll take a closer look at how you can use this new item.

How to Use the Ring Garland in Tears of the Kingdom

You can fuse the ring garland to one of your shields, then use it to assist one of the Gerudo. NPCs may also comment on it when your garland is on display. Other than that, it does not seem to serve any other purpose.

Where to Get the Ring Garland in TotK

While ring garlands can be found in various stables throughout Tears of the Kingdom, they can only be purchased from Koko, an NPC in Kakariko Village. You can find her at a small stand by the prayer statue across from the mayor’s home at coordinates (1823, -1001, 0113) between 10 AM and 9 PM. The garlands cost 5 rupees each, and you can only purchase one per day. Since it can’t be stored in your inventory, you’ll need to fuse it to a shield for easy transport. Be careful not to use the shield until the “Voe and You” class in Gerudo to ensure the garland doesn’t break before its intended use.

How to Complete Voe and You

In Gerudo, there are daytime and evening classes designed for residents to learn about voe and how to interact with them. The evening class, starting at 9 PM, is the one you should attend. However, before using the ring garland, you’ll need to help two other Gerudo.

For Nali, the first student, you’ll need to wear something to conceal your identity since she’s too nervous to speak to Link with his face uncovered. Cece’s Hat or any of the Divine Helms are good options for this.

The second person, Pritana, needs a Noble Pursuit from The Noble Canteen. If you’ve completed the main quest, “Riju of Gerudo Town,” you’ll find it at coordinates (-3855, -2857, 0046); otherwise, it’s in the shelter at coordinates (-3907, -2920, 0030). You can purchase one for 20 rupees or be gifted one, depending on your current progress. With the item in your inventory, you can progress to the final student in the Voe and You class.

Deltan, the last student, will respond positively to seeing the ring garland. Equip the fused shield before starting the lesson. She’ll take it as a sign of encouragement, causing her to approach her voe studies with greater dedication and positivity.

After helping everyone, the teacher will thank you and invite you to return to future classes. Talking to the students will also yield different interactions than before.

With that, you’ve uncovered the mysterious use for the ring garland. If you’re looking for more unique things to do in Tears of the Kingdom, check out this guide on how to grow crops.

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