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How to Grow Crops in Tears of the Kingdom

At least pay the poor old woman

by Daphne Fama

Cooking is a major part of Tears of the Kingdom, but finding the precise ingredients you need for your favorite recipes can be time consuming and expensive. Unless you opted to grow them yourself, of course. Here’s how to grow crops in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Grow Crops in Tears of the Kingdom

There are no shortage of rare vegetables in Hyrule, from Hydromelons to Endura Carrots. And it can be extremely tedious to hunt these vegetables down. So, why not grow them yourself?

To do so, you just need to complete two quests: Teach Me a Lesson I and Teach Me a Lesson II. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Speak to Symin in Hateno Village. Symin is in the newly formed schoolhouse, close to where the Mayor lives. You’ll need to speak to him when the children aren’t there, either before 8:20 am or in the evening. Symin will then give you your first quest.
  • Return to the schoolhouse when all the children are there. They arrive at 8:20 AM and are all there by 8:30 AM.
  • Interact with Symin to get “Teach Me a Lesson I”.
  • Get proof of the Calamity. These children want primary sources! Go to Kakariko village and enter the chief’s house. The mural we’re looking for is on the second floor to the left of the stairs. Take a picture of it.
  • Return to Symin and present the picture.
  • Speak to Symin again to get “Teach Me a Lesson II”.
  • Get Goron Spice and Monster Extract. Goron Spice can be purchased in the Goron City General Store for 16 Ruppes. Monster Extract can be purchased from Tarrey Town’s General Store for 50 Rupees.
  • Cook Monster Curry.You’ll need to hold and cook 1 meat, 1 rice, 1 Goron Spice, and 1 Monster Extract.
  • Take the Monster Curry to Symin. For your efforts, he’ll give you the plot of land that’s in front of the school, on the lower ridge.
  • Speak to Uma. Uma is an old woman who will be by the field to assign a vegetable to that field.

Uma can grow most vegetables and some fruits, but you must have those items in your inventory. She needs that first seed, after all. After that, it will take up to two in-game days for a crop to be produced. Using fires to skip ahead won’t accelerate the process.

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And naturally, Uma has her limitations. She will only grow three Might Radishes and Endura Carrots at a time, because of how useful those vegetables are. She’ll say she’s just not good at growing them, but we all know the truth.

If you feel like three carrots every two days just isn’t that good of a deal, there are plenty of other ways to grab them. Check out our article here: How to Find Endura Carrots in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK).

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