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How to Get and Use Hearty Truffles in Tears of the Kingdom

Let's go spelunking for the ugliest mushrooms known to Hyrule.

by Daphne Fama

Mushrooms might be a dime a mycelium dozen, but truffles? Just like in the real world, they’re pretty hard to find. Particularly Hearty Truffles, which not only recover hearts but give you extra hearts. Here’s how to get and use Hearty Truffles in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Get and Use Hearty Truffles in Tears of the Kingdom

Like most rare ingredients, Hearty Truffles are scarce, though they have specific regions that they favor. Your normal Hearty Truffle will be found most often in caves and chasms in Hyrule Fields and West Necluda. But Big Hearty Truffles, which heal three hearts instead of two, can be found in East Necluda and Gerudo Desert.

In these areas, they have specific spawns. Here’s the precise locations where you can find Heart Truffles in TotK.

  • Mount Dunsel Cave. Coordinates: 3283, -3306, 0067. Finding this cave is difficult. It’s near Lurelin Village. You’ll need to climb Mount Dunsel to the North and position yourself above Gama Cove on the south side. Then dive in – the cave entrance is in the water. Once you’re in the cave, go past the two Shock Likes. As you turn a corner, the Hearty Truffle will be on your left. There are no more truffles, but I’d continue on as there’s both a Shrine and very powerful shield in this cave.
  • Retsam Forest Cave. Coordinates: 3762, -2084, 0186. Cave entrance above Hateno’s pasture farm. The truffle is immediately across from you when you enter the cave. There’s also a Shrine here. Sensing a pattern.
  • Mount Floria Cave. Coordinates: 1952, -2597, 0072. This cave is difficult to get to. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to glide to its entrance, North of Mount Floria, on top of a waterfall. But it’s not the trek that makes it hard – it’s the rain. Prepare a slippery potion or have the frog suit to make it easier to climb. Otherwise, use the ruin stone in Hickaly Woods near the cliff wall to glide to it. Once you’re inside, you’ll find a large enemy encampment. On the far wall to the left of this cavern, between two ores, is the Hearty Truffle.

Pretty much every time you find a cave in Hyrule Field and West Necluda, it’s a good idea to check it for Hearty Truffles.

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How to Use Hearty Truffles in Tears of the Kingdom

Technically, you could fuse your mushroom to your shield or weapon. Nothing’s really stopping you. But you’ll get a tiny damage fuse bonus and it’s really much better to cook with it instead.

Here are a few recipes I came up with by experimenting.

Hearty Tomato Mushroom StewFull recovery + 1 Heart.Hearty Truffle
Hylian Tomato
Hearty Fruit and Mushroom MixFull recovery + 1 Heart.Hearty Truffle
Hearty Meat and Mushroom SkewerFull recovery + 2 Hearts.Hearty Truffle
Raw Meat
Steamed MushroomsHeals 5 HeartsHearty Truffle
Any vegetable
Fruit and Mushroom MixHeals 5 HeartsHearty Truffle
Fruits that aren’t apple
Hearty Mushroom SkewerFull recovery + 2 Hearts.Hearty Truffle
Hateno Cheese
Hearty Salty-Grilled MushroomsFull recovery + 2 Hearts.Hearty Truffle
Rock Salt

The benefits for most of the recipes are the same, so I’d recommend cooking it with whatever ingredient you have the most of.

If you’re curious how much of a difference a Big Hearty Truffle makes, it adds a +2 Hearts to your benefits. So, for Hearty Salt-Grilled Mushrooms, instead of having full recovery + 2 temporary hearts, you’d have +4 temporary hearts.

For other rare vegetables, check out all the ways to get Endura Carrots here: How to Find Endura Carrots in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK).

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