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Tears of the Kingdom: How to Get the Snowquill Armor Set in TotK

Winter is coming.

by Nikola L

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a wide range of equipment options tailored to various conditions found throughout the expansive open world of TotK. I’m here to provide you with information on obtaining the Snowquill Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom, which grants Cold Resistance and can be useful in snowy conditions.

Where to Find the Snowquill Armor Set in TotK

You can obtain the Snowquill Armor Set in Rito Village at map coordinates -3630, 1790, 0185.

Here’s a map for reference:

Screenshot by Prima Games

Rito Village is in the middle of Lake Totori. The coordinates above will lead you right to the Armor Shop where you can purchase the Cold Resistant Snowquill Armor Set.

And no, you are not the only one that has the “Rito pls” meme in their heads right now. If you didn’t, you certainly do now.

How to Obtain the Snowquill Armor Set in TotK

Obtaining the Snowquill Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom is not a difficult task because all of the pieces are in one place; you don’t need to wander around the world for hours (like the Armor of the Wild, for example).

Here’s what the shop looks like. Nice view, right?

Screenshot by Prima Games

The downside? They cost a lot of Rupees. Well, a “lot” is interpreted differently, based on how good you are at the menial task of grinding Rupees. One of our other talented writers has you covered on that below:

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The Snowquill Armor Set consists of:

  • Headdress (650 Rupees)
  • Tunic (500 Rupees)
  • Trousers (1000 Rupees)

So in total, this lovely winter set cost us 2150 Rupees.

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