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Tears of the Kingdom: How to Get Courser Bee Honey

Will you Bee Mine?

by Jesse Vitelli

At some point in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’re going to need a specific material for the various quests around the world of Hyrule. It’s inevitable. Some random NPC will ask for some other random item, and you’ll be caught with your pants down because you ignored it 100 times over. Then when you go to look for it, you’ll have a hard time remembering where it was you saw it. At least, that’s what happened to us more than once. Here’s how to get Courser Bee Honey in Tears of The Kingdom.

How to Get Courser Bee Honey in ToTK

To Get Courser Bee Honey, you’ll need to find beehives attached to trees. These can be found all over Hyrule, but we found quite a few in central Hyrule at the start of the game once you leap off of the Great Sky Islands.

More specifically, we found a few at the coordinates (-0804, -0665, 0017) slightly north of the Windvane Meadow.

Check all of the trees for swarming bees and the hive; they usually hang out around the middle part of the tree, so you won’t have to look up into the leaves to spot them.

If you’re trying to complete the “Honey, Bee Mine” quest in West Neculda, you’ll need three combs of Courser Bee Honey, so definitely stockpile some for when you come across this quest, especially if you’re looking to unlock the Great Fairies.

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Courser Bee Honey Combs can be shot down with an arrow from a safe distance. Once you hit the hive, the bees will attack, and especially early on, the bees can do a lot of damage. Shoot an arrow, and prepare for the bees to come your way. Target lock with ZL to swipe at them with a sword, and you should be fine.

Walk up and pick up the honeycomb. Do a few laps around Central Hyrule, looking for large outcroppings of trees. You’ll have an abundance of Courser Bee Honey in no time.

That’s how to get Courser Bee Honey in Tears of The Kingdom. You might need a bunch of arrows to take down these hives, so here’s how to get more arrows in Tears of The Kingdom.


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