Super Mario RPG: Mushroom Kingdom Item Shop Hidden Treasure Location

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Screenshot of the Item Shop in the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario RPG.
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There’s a Hidden Treasure located in the Item Shop in the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario RPG, invisible to the naked eye. If you’re struggling to find it, here’s the Mushroom Kingdom Item Shop Hidden Treasure location in the Nintendo Switch remake.

How to Find the Mushroom Kingdom Item Shop Hidden Treasure in Super Mario RPG

Upon entering the Item Shop basement in the Mushroom Kingdom, you’ll see an old Toad. Speak to him, and he’ll teach you about Hidden Treasure and gift you the Signal Ring, an equippable accessory that pings you whenever you enter an area with Hidden Treasure. It will alert you immediately to the one in the basement.

If you’re anything like me, you spent a good couple of minutes looking like an idiot, jumping all over the room, trying to find the Hidden Treasure chest to no avail. That’s because you actually need to hitch a ride over to it. To do so, hop onto the old Toad’s head – yeah, you read that right.

Wait and stay on his head until he paces over to the wall by the stairs and then jump. If done correctly, you’ll hit the Hidden Treasure and get the prize, which is a Flower. This item automatically increases your party’s FP (Flower Points) by one.


Collect as many Flower items as possible because FP is crucial for using Special moves in battle.

Mushroom Kingdom Item Shop Location in Super Mario RPG

If you’ve yet to find the Item Shop in the Mushroom Kingdom, it is located just to the right of the Inn on the right side of the town. Look for a building with a spinning Mushroom sign directly above the door. Enter, and you’ll see the basement stairs to the right.

Now that you know how to get the Mushroom Kingdom Item Shop Hidden Treasure, learn how to play the Frog Sage’s Suite #18 song for Toadofsky and get the Alto Card in Super Mario RPG.

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