Super Mario RPG: How to Find the Metroid Samus Easter Egg Cameo

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Screenshot of the Metroid Samus Easter Egg in Super Mario RPG.
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Secret hunters will be happy to know that Nintendo kept the old Easter Eggs and references from the original Super Mario RPG: Secret of the Seven Stars SNES game in the Nintendo Switch remake. Here’s how to find the Metroid Samus Easter Egg cameo in Super Mario RPG.

Metroid Samus Easter Egg Location in Super Mario RPG

If you’re itching to track down the Easter Egg immediately, you won’t be able to because the Metroid reference only becomes available after you’ve reached a certain point in the game’s story. Progress through Super Mario RPG until you reach Land’s End and defeat Belome for the second time.


Samus will disappear permanently once you get to Nimbus Land, so ensure you visit her before then if you want to experience the Easter Egg!

Once you’ve reached Monstro Town, open up your Map from the main menu and teleport to the Mushroom Kingdom. Enter the castle in the north of town, then take the corridor to the right of the room. Go through the door here to reach a bedroom where you’ll find a familiar Nintendo character.

Samus Aran, the protagonist of the Metroid franchise, will be asleep in the bed. She is kitted out in her iconic Power Suit, which, if you ask me, must be uncomfortable as heck to sleep in, but each to their own, I suppose.

If you speak to Samus, she will say, “…I’m resting up for Mother Brain,” which is the final boss at the end of the first Metroid game, appearing in later entries, too. While the interaction is small, it’s a cute nod to one of Nintendo’s most iconic franchises.

Metroid’s Samus Aran isn’t the only Nintendo reference featured in the game; Link from The Legend of Zelda also makes a similar cameo in Super Mario RPG.

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