Super Mario RPG: How to Find the Legend of Zelda Link Easter Egg Cameo

Link's Asleepening.

Screenshot of The Legend of Zelda Link cameo Easter Egg in Super Mario RPG.
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Because Super Mario RPG is a Nintendo game, it’s not unsurprising that the developer has thrown in a few nods to their other properties within it, including a cameo from The Legend of Zelda’s protagonist, Link. Here’s how to find the Easter Egg in the Nintendo Switch remake.

Legend of Zelda Link Easter Egg Location in Super Mario RPG

You can’t access the Easter Egg immediately despite probably wanting to (I know I did!), so you’ll need to progress first. It only becomes available after you defeat Bowyer in the Forest Maze by Rose Town and recruit Geno the Puppet to your party.

Once you’ve obtained the second Star and restored peace to Rose Town, return to the Inn at Rose Town. Speak to the child’s mother behind the counter, who will ask if you want to sleep at the Inn for free as a thank you for saving everyone. Say yes, and you’ll go to sleep and wake up in the same room as a familiar Nintendo mascot…

Link will be sleeping peacefully in the other bed at the Inn. While you, unfortunately, can’t wake him up and have a conversation with him, interacting with the green-clad hero plays the iconic Secret Sound jingle that happens whenever you discover or unlock something in The Legend of Zelda games. Neat, huh?

Link isn’t the only Nintendo Easter Egg hidden in Super Mario RPG. Samus Aran from the Metroid series also features a cameo – here’s where to find it in the Nintendo Switch remake.

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