Super Mario Bros Wonder: Jump Jump Jump Complete Guide

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Peach on Jump Jump Jump course in Super Mario Bros Wonder
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The “Jump! Jump! Jump!” course in Super Mario Bros. Wonder is one of the hardest challenges in the Fluff-Puff Peaks region of the game. If you’re trying to figure out how to beat this level, then read the guide below for every tip and trick on how to complete it.

How to Start Jump Jump Jump

This course has a unique start compared to others. You’ll start it by touching the Wonder Flower at the beginning, which triggers a timer and creates colored platforms to jump on. Alternatively, you can use the bubble power-up to bounce across, though it’s undeniably more challenging than hitting the flower.

Coin 1

You’ll encounter your first flower coin after traversing several of the platforms. To collect it, jump back from the pink platform to the purple one. Once you have the coin, keep moving forward to prevent falling to the bottom of the course.

Coin 2

The second coin is easier to collect. Continue forward on the course until it appears on a platform. The platforms leading up to it are smaller, so navigate carefully. You can navigate in mid-air which can help you adjust your landing. Otherwise, using a Badge, like the Parachute Cap or Boosting Spin Jump, can help correct any mishaps.

Coin 3

Unlike the other two coins, the final one is floating between two platforms. Its position makes it a little trickier. You’ll have to control your jump, making sure that you hit the coin before landing safely on the smaller green ledge. Fortunately, from here there are only a few more jumps until you make it to solid ground.

Wonder Seed 1

The first Wonder Seed is on the solid portion of the course just past all the disappearing blocks. The trickiest part about collecting it is the time limit. You have to collect it before the timer runs out, otherwise, it will disappear, and you’ll have to try again.

Wonder Seed 2

There are two flagpoles to end the course. The first is at the bottom and can only be reached if you fail to traverse the platforms. It doesn’t give you the final Wonder Seed. Instead, your character will look around confused before running off. The second flagpole, located after the first Wonder Seed, is the true ending. It rewards you with the final seed after transforming the Bowser-infected house to normal.

While this was a challenging course, it can be made easier by using a badge. The same can be said for other levels, check out this list of all the Badges in Super Mario Bros Wonder and use it to help you decide which ones you need to get to make the game easier.

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