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A Super Mario Bros. Wonder screenshot of Mario, Toad, Luigi, and Peach playing simultaneously.
Image via Super Mario Bros. Wonder Official Site

All Badges In Super Mario Wonder – Listed

Wowie Zowie! That's a lot of Badges to collect!

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a marvelous time, especially with the variety of new Badges that players can equip during their time in the Flower Kingdom. Let’s find out what all of them are, and what they can do for you.

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Here is the list of all Badges in Super Mario Wonder.

All Badges Available In Super Mario Wonder

Below, you’ll find a full list of all the available badges you can obtain in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, alongside their uses:

Badge NameBadge Description
Add ! BlocksAdds additional blocks to each level, making traversal a breeze. Never worry about falling to your death again with this Badge. 
All Bubble Flower BadgeLove the Bubble Flower? This Badge is for you since every power-up in the game will turn into the Bubble Flower and only the Bubble Flower. 
All Drill Flower BadgeEnjoy digging in the dirt? The Drill Flower Badge turns every power-up in the game into the Drill Flower, so you can always keep it active. 
All Elephant Fruit BadgeWith this being the most exciting power-up, it’s understandable why you’d always want to be an elephant. Use this badge to turn every power-up in the game into the Elephant Fruit.
All Fire Flower BadgeA classic in the Mario franchise, this Badge will turn every power-up in the levels you play into the Fire Flower.
Auto Super Mushroom BadgeWhile it may be Short King Summer, this Badge makes sure you never start a stage in a vulnerable state. Always start your levels as the Big version of your character.
Boosting Spin Jump BadgePressing the Spin Jump Button while in the air will propel you higher in the sky than ever imagined. Use this to escape some sticky situations. 
Coin Magnet BadgeLike collecting as many coins as possible in a stage? Use the Coin Magnet Badge to collect coins in your general radius, and get ready to claim some free 1-Ups.
Crouching High Jump BadgeSuper Mario Bros. Wonder lets you navigate through stages while crouching, so why not get some extra height while doing it? Use this Badge to spring into the air while crouching. 
Dolphin Kick BadgeGetting stuck underwater is never fun, even in Mario games, so use the Dolphin Kick Badge to swim faster than ever thought. 
Badge NameBadge Description
Fast Dash BadgeLove the speed of an opposing mascot but don’t want to play their newest game? The Fast Dash Badge will make you just as speedy as a particular blue mammal if you equip it.
Floating High Jump BadgeMiss the ability to float a bit with Luigi? The Floating High Jump Badge lets you jump higher in the air, and even hover for a little while. 
Grappling Vine BadgeWant to play Spider-Man 2, but don’t have a PlayStation 5? This is going to be the next best thing, giving you the ability to shoot out vines like webs and grab onto walls.
Invisibility BadgeAs the name states, you’ll be completely Invisible, so try this mode out if you’re looking for a supreme challenge. 
Jet Run BadgeWant to be able to walk and run faster? The Jet Run Badge is going to be your best friend, making you faster at every action you do. 
Parachute Cap BadgeThe first Badge you obtain on your adventure, press the R button while in the air to pop off your cap and create a parachute for a safe landing wherever you are. 
Rhythm Jump BadgeLove the music of Mario games? This is the Badge for you. Time your jumps with the music to get plenty of extra coins while exploring. 
Safety Bounce BadgeThe perfect Badge for those stepping away from Yoshi or Nabbit, you can bounce off of normally dangerous surfaces to save your skin at least once. 
Spring Feet BadgeApparently, there is a hidden Kangaroo Fruit in the game, because you can’t stop hopping. You’re always jumping, and your normal jumps are even more dramatic than before.
Sound Off? BadgeThis one is going to be meme-worthy, as it turns off all of the sounds in the game and replaces them with harmonizations and vocalizations. Can’t wait to do a full playthrough with this one. 
Badge NameBadge Description
Timed High Jump BadgeTime your jumps just right, and you’ll burst into the sky. It will take some practice, but once you master it, you’ll never want to go back to normal jumping again.
Wall-Climb BadgeMario has suddenly become Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, as you can now grab and hug walls while jumping up them. Great for making your way through trickier stages.

As you can see, the graphical update isn’t the only thing different this time around. Badges are exciting additions to the Mario formula, allowing players to get creative with their playthroughs and make them their own. Be sure to check out our Super Mario Bros. Wonder section below to find out where the secret exits are and learn more about this exciting addition to Mario’s increasingly excellent portfolio.

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