Super Mario Wonder: Piranha Plants on Parade Secret Exit Location – Wonder Seed #3

Hidden in plain sight.

Screenshot of Mario taking the secret exit in Piranha Plants on Parade in Super Mario Wonder.
Screenshot by Prima Games

The second stage of World 1 in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Piranha Plants on Parade, is home to three Wonder Seeds, but the final one can be tricky to hunt down as it requires you to take a secret exit. Here’s where to find the Piranha Plants on Parade secret exit and grab Wonder Seed #3 in Super Mario Wonder.

Where to Find Piranha Plants on Parade Secret Exit and Get Wonder Seed #3 in Mario Wonder

To find the Piranha Plants on Parade secret exit, progress through the level to the first Wonder Seed. Picking it up will cause the stage to change, with the Piranha Plants deciding to put on a cabaret show. They’d better not expect a tip…

Once the Piranha Plants start singing, continue forward until you see a half-hexagon block with three pipes sticking out of it. Jump up the green pipes to the right of the block, and the Piranha Plants will stop singing. Go across the music note bridge, then turn around and sprint back toward the pipes. Use the first yellow music note block to jump up and land on one of the three pipes sticking out of the half-hexagon block.

See my GIF below for a visual demonstration:

Once you’re on top of the half-hexagon block, use the red warp pipes secret exit to travel to a new area. Here, continue forward to a green warp pipe. Take it, then progress until you come to the Goal Pole.

Jump on it to receive Wonder Seed #3 and exit the Piranha Plants on Parade level.

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