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Storyweaver Riven TFT
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6 Strongest Traits in Teamfight Tactics | Pengu’s Party

Yordles all the way!

Teamfight Tactics brings a new limited-time event and game mode, Pengu’s Party, to the Inkborne Fables set. The game mode features 20 more active traits to an already loaded and diverse Inkborne Fables set. You don’t get any new units, apart from Veigar when using the Yordle trait, but you can choose from three random traits given to you at the early stages of the game to have them active throughout the match. Here’s a list of the strongest traits in TFT’s Pengu’s Party game mode.

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6 Strongest Traits in Teamfight Tactics Pengu’s Party


  • 1 Yordle: Gain champions that share a similar trait with your units.
  • 2 Yordle: If you have at least five 3-star or golden champions, you’ll gain a Veiger (Yordle-Lord).

The Yordle trait gives players any champion that fits their team. This powerful trait helps you upgrade your units faster, but it is only viable if you take the upgraded Yordle and start getting Veigars after getting five 3-star golden champions. Veigar might be the strongest character in the current set, and it seems like the only way to lose at this point is if you are fighting someone with a 3-star five-cost unit.

Yordle drastically changes how you play since you want to get five golden champions as fast as possible. You can do this by hopping to the other player’s boards and taking units that aren’t contested. You can also pick units that have traits with fewer characters on the pool like Dryads, Reapers, Snipers, Trickshots, or Invokers.


  • 1 Jazz: Gain 1% HP and 1% Damage for each active trait you have on your team.
  • 2 Jazz: Gain 3% HP and 3% Damage for each active trait you have on your team.

Jazz gives all your units bonuses depending on how many traits you have active. Since Inkborne Fables has a ton of traits that activate with two units, Jazz is extremely strong if you pick the right synergies. You can have as high as 10 active traits with only 7 units on the board because of how easy it is to activate traits in this set.

The trick is going for units with at least three traits and branching out from those traits. For example, you can get an early Kog’Maw, Aatrox, or Neeko and build on all three of their traits. Aatrox is Ghostly, Inkshadow, and Bruiser and two of those traits only require two units to activate. Capitalize on units like these and pair them with other traits. Jazz gives a big overall boost to your stats, making your team do more damage and survive better.


  • 1 Shimmerscale: Gain Goldmancer’s Staff. On stage 3-1, gain a Draven’s Axe
  • 2 Shimmerscale: Gain Crown of Champions

Shimmerscale is the “greedy” trait that capitalizes on getting a few extra gold while getting a slight damage boost through the items. Seeing as how game-changing the traits are, you must capitalize on all the extra gold you are getting to justify taking the first Shimmerscale trait.

However, when you get the upgraded Shimmerscale trait, you’ll be getting a Crown of Champions, which is equipped with a fast-attacking ranged unit. The Crown of Champions has “After every 8 seconds, deal 9001x for each gold you have on your next attack.”

Basically, if you have two gold remaining, the attack does upward of 18,000 damage to a single unit. Since the Pengu’s Party game mode has a lot of builds where there is one strong unit, this item is amazing for countering most of the strongest teams out there. Imagine fighting a buffed-up Mech-Pilot from the Galaxies set, and it just gets one shot by an Ashe with a Crown of Champions.


  • 1 LaserCorps: Your team gains laser drones that attack when your units get hit or attack a target. They deal 25 magic damage per shot and they get reassigned to other allies on death.
  • 2 LaserCorps: All units gain an additional laser drone.

LaserCorps is a simple, but deadly trait. Each unit you have will get a laser drone that deals a ton of damage. In the early game, LaserCorps carries you hard. When you get to the mid-game and late-game, you want to have a sturdy frontline to prolong the free damage you are getting from these laser drones.

The damage is sustainable throughout the round since the laser drones move to another friendly unit upon death. All you have to think about is getting a good Inkborne Fables team and figuring out how to survive a bit longer. These drones also focus fires on a single target, especially when you have fewer units, so you will melt through the enemy champions one by one.

The Boss

  • 1 The Boss: Gain the Boss Knuckles Item. When equipped, the holder leaves combat upon reaching 60% Health or below. That unit will start doing sit-ups to restore 10% maximum health and gain 20% attack speed.
  • 2 The Boss: 10% maximum health and 60% attack speed. When they reach full health from the sit-ups, they return to combat and get “Pumped Up: all attacks and abilities do true damage.”

The Boss is one of the most fun traits to play around with because you have this “Big Boss” that uses all your best items. You can think of strong units like Yone, Volibear, or Lee Sin and build around offensive traits like Duelist or Reaper.

Because of the added stats from the Boss Knuckles, your boss unit should be able to handle a whole team alone, given the right situation. You want traits that buff your boss and give bonuses that affect your whole team rather than units with the specific trait.

For example, you can make Yone the boss and build around Umbral and Reaper. You can add traits like Invoker, Bruiser, or even Altruist so Yone can get buffed with its Umbral and Reaper traits as well as the bonuses from the other sub-traits. Imagine if you get some artifacts or radiant items that your boss can use. The power spikes can only get higher for the Big Boss.


  • 1 Socialite: Gain a hex that has a spotlight. The unit in the spotlight gets 15% bonus damage and 5 mana per second.
  • 2 Socialite: 40% bonus damage, 5 mana per second, 15% Omnivamp, and you gain another spotlight hex.

Socialite works a bit like the Bos because of the spotlight buffs. Units on the spotlight deal more damage and mana and get Omnivamp. The units you want to put on the spotlight are the ones that have high damage numbers, so you can capitalize on the bonus damage multiplier. If you put Bard in the spotlight with low but consistent damage, it isn’t as strong as Lillia or Kayn, who do high damage with their abilities already.

Socialite gives you two spotlights, so you can have two units to buff. However, the positioning might derail your team if you were thinking of buffing a ranged unit like Senna and your spotlight is on the second row. You have to adjust your team to the spotlight’s position and just hope for the best.

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