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Street Fighter Duel Monster Hunter Event Guide

I'm starting to feel like Capcom has something against dinosaurs

by Lucas White

The Gore Magala hunt is on in Street Fighter Duel. And a lot of people are pissed off about it. But we aren’t here for that part (but we will have some fun with the drama elsewhere). What we are here for in this space is a good, old-fashioned guide on what’s happening in the game. With the worlds of Monster Hunter and Street Fighter Duel (kill me) colliding, there’s a lot of information to absorb. Here’s what you need to know.

Time-Limited Wishes (Gore Magala Ken)

This is the part everyone’s angry about because this is how you get the new character. In order to summon Gore Magala Ken, you have to acquire several of a new currency called Wyvern Tears. You can pull for each one, and there’s a small chance you get the new Monster Hunter Ken variant. The pity rate requires a full 60 pulls, and 360 pulls in total to get four copies. That’s a lot of pulls, and by participating in the event it seems like you can only earn like five or six Wyvern Tears for free. Yikes!

Monster Invasion

Here’s where the actual fun stuff is happening. There are five different menus here, one of which is just Time-Limited Wishes which we just went over. But here you can also rent Gore Magala Ken for three days, so you can at least use him if you aren’t willing to shell out a frankly insane amount of cash to own him. There’s also Shadaloo Invasion, Missions, Supplies and the main attraction, Hunt.

Gore Magala Hunt

The other stuff is self-explanatory. Just participate in the event and you can earn stuff to exchange for in the Supplies menu. The unique gameplay comes in the form of the Hunt, which is a multiplayer, cooperative raid event. Players band together to take on Gore Magala, earning items and bonuses for their contribution. There are around 12 days of hunts, so the goal is to help take down as many of these big boys as possible.

To do so, there are three ways you can fight Gore Magala, or in Monster Hunter terms, three parts you can target. Each one favors specific character factions, and spits out a unique part for prize exchanges. I’ll list them here:

Wings: Wind and Flame disadvantage; 40% miss chance. Rewards one Ripclaw
Head: Flame and Thunder disadvantage. Rewards one Dark Jade.
Claws: Wind and Thunder disadvantage. Rewards one Scales.

So as you can see, each part favors a faction, so ideally you can build a team for each for maximum damage output. Luckily the event scales all your characters up to level 252, so you can hang a little bit even without tons of buffed up equipment and whatnot. Either way it’s all automatic, so you start the fight and let it play out while spamming goofy stickers with your teammates.

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When the fight concludes you get your reward, and you see the standings on how much damage you did, what place you got in the group, and what’s left on the Gore Magala. You get five free fights a day, and you can buy additional attempts for 100 gems each. Ultimately your goal is to level up your Hunter Rank by playing and meeting mission objectives, and collecting those parts.

In addition to the main parts you’ll also earn Monster Bones, which again factor into rewards at the Supplies exchange. The big reward is the Unrivaled Hunter avatar frame, which costs 15 of each of the three Gore Magala parts. You can trade excess parts in for cash. You can trade Monster Bones for other rewards, such as Arcade Coins and Breakstones. There are three characters available for 128 Monster Bones, and you can get four of each. Those characters are Elena, Dhalsim and Beast Zangief. And yeah, in case you were wondering, Gore Magala Ken is not part of the reward system for… fighting Gore Magala. Mobile games, baby!

Lucas White

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