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Street Fighter Duel Monster Hunter Event: Gore Magala Ken All Skills Listed

Ken would be the Monster Hunter cosplayer of the bunch

by Lucas White

The Monster Hunter crossover event isn’t quite live yet in Street Fighter Duel. But the star of the show, Gore Magala Ken, popped up in the character gallery after today’s update. So now we can look over what his skills and whatnot are and get a taste of what he’s capable of. We don’t know exactly how to get this new Monster Hunter Ken variant just yet, but getting some ideas around how he fits into your crew is a solid head start. So here’s what you need to know about Gore Magala Ken’s skills in Street Fighter Duel.

Gore Magala Ken Skill List in Street Fighter Duel

Fighter: Gore Magala Ken (SSS)
Faction: Infernal
Fighter Type: Power
Fighter Class: Balanced
Fighting Style: Savage (+25 ATK)
Max Power: 414K

Super: Tetsuzanko (Single)

Delivers a heavy hit to the nearest target, dealing DMG equal to 580% of ATK. The fighter gains DMG Resist UP (30%) for 10s (cannot be dispelled).
Level 2: Enemies have a 30% base chance to be inflicted with Stun for 3s when they receive Dragonrage Curse.
Level 3: Increases DMG to 638% of ATK and the DMG Resist UP effect to 35%.

Combo (2): Spin Drive Slash (AoE)
A Spin Drive Slash that delivers a heavy hit to multiple targets within range, dealing Soul DMG equal to 240% of ATK.
Level 2: If Gore Magala Ken is inflicted with Dragonrage Curse, he gains 25% Life Steal while performing this skill.
Level 3: When the target carries Dragonrage Curse, the fighter has a 60% base chance to inflict 1x Weaken on the target.

Combo (3): Charged Dragon Slash (AoE)
Slashes multiple targets within range 2 times, dealing Soul DMG equal to 360% of ATK with a 20% chance to deal double DMG.
Level 2: 20% chance to deal triple DMG.
Level 3: 20% chance to deal quadruple DMG.

Passive: Dragonrage Curse

After the battle begins, Dragonrage Curse appears every 25s and lasts 15s. While the curse is active, all fighters lose HP equal to 30% of Gore Magala Ken’s ATK every second (True DMG). To remove Dragonsrage Curse earlier from the entire team, a single fighter must deal DMG that exceeds 1000% of Gore Magala Ken’s ATK before the curse expires.
Level 2: If the enemy team fails to remove Dragonsrage Curse before it expires, all enemies deal 25% less DMG for 12s.
Level 3: If your team successfully removes Dragonsrage Curse before it expires, all teammates deal 25% more DMG for 12s.

Fighting Spirit (Exclusive to Gore Magala Ken): Magala Cloak

  • HP Bonus: 33%
  • ATK Bonus: 28%
  • Pressure: 10%
  • Healing Rate: 6%

Skill: Magala Warrior
Unleashing a Combo has a 20% chance to grant 1x Sharpness. Stacks up to 3 times and cannot be dispelled. When the fighter has Sharpness, regular attacks consume 1x Sharpness to perform Sharpen: Delivers a heavy hit to the nearest target, dealing Soul DMG equal to 240% of ATK and filling the Super Combo Gauge by 100. Meanwhile, summons Gore Magala Blast to pull the enemy team’s tag fighter onto the battlefield. Lasts 15s.

Assist Skill (unlocks at +5): When the assist fighter deals DMG with a Super Combo, all enemies are inflicted with Dragonrage Curse. Limited to once every 30s. Damage deal here is 20% of Gore Magala Ken’s ATK per second rather than the 30% dealt by the Passive version. If the enemy team fails to remove the curse, all enemies deal 15% less DMG and have their DMG Reduction reduced by 15% for 12s.
+10: Gore Magala Blast inflicts Dragonsrage Curse on all enemies.
+20: When in the starting lineup, obtains 1 stack of Sharpness at the beginning of the battle.
+30: Increases the chance to acquire Sharpness to 30%. Charged Dragon Slash consumes Sharpness to perform a follow-up Sharpen attack.

That’s a lot of text to go through, but hey, Gore Magala Ken! Most importantly, this guy’s adding a third Infernal character to the mix.

Lucas White

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