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A Street Fighter 6 screenshot of M Bison in his Outfit 2.
Image via Street Fighter 6 YouTube Channel

Street Fighter 6: How to Unlock M Bison’s Outfit 2

The day you became M Bison's student was the most important day of your life

M Bison may be DLC in Street Fighter 6, but you can get his classic Outfit 2 for free. This guide has all the details on the process.

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Table of Contents

How to Unlock M Bison’s Outfit 2 in Street Fighter 6

To unlock M Bison’s Outfit 2 for free in Street Fighter 6, you first have to become his student in World Tour Mode. Then, you must raise his Bond Level to 100. Use the table of contents above to jump around to different points in the process.

How to Become M Bison’s Student in Street Fighter 6 World Tour Mode

Before heading out, make sure you have done the following:

  • Obtained either JP or Ed’s Style Rank to 5 then speak to them to unlock their Level 1 Super Art.
  • Complete the mission “Into The Shadows in Shadaloo” (which you will have already done if you unlocked Akuma’s Outfit 2).

Taking Animal Photos in Old Nayshall

Once you’re ready to start seeking out M Bison, visit Old Nayshall in the daytime. You will receive a text from Foo beginning the series of quests that will unlock M Bison as a World Tour Mode Master. Your first order of business is to use your phone to take photographs of “unusual animals.”

You’ll have to talk to a man who witnessed these “strange animals,” who will then direct you in their location. Each time, you need to talk to the man, and each time there is a new animal to take a picture of, their location will be marked on the map.

To take a picture of the animals, stand in the area with the marker on the overworld, then open your phone’s photo app to take the pictures. By the end, you’ll have photos of the following outrageously bizarre animals:

  • A dog,
  • A cat,
  • And a baby hippopotamus.

With these three pictures, return to the witness who finally realizes that the strange animal is a horse that’s only seen at night. Go to your safehouse in the western area of Old Nayshall to change the time to night, then make your way to the marked location on north end of the map before the mountain pass where the horse waits. Follow the horse towards the stadium, where you’ll meet the man who is to become M Bison.

Now Foo tells you to return to Metro City to speak to F.A.N.G. and get your mission reward. Then, move to any new area to get another text from Foo with a new quest: Foo wants you to take part in Psycho Power experiments.

Practicing With Psycho Power

Equip either Ed’s or JP’s Level 1 Super Art, then go to Nayshall again. Travel to your safehouse, change the time to night, then go to the Arena. Speak to Dolls Changpa, who asks you to hit them with a Psycho Power Super Art three times. Don’t worry about meter—you’ll have a full meter for this fight.

Once you land the three Super Arts, Dolls Changpa will take you to the Shadaloo lab ruins from the “Into The Shadows in Shadaloo” mission. The lab is now populated and you can travel to and from it freely.

Talk to Dr. Badd to start the “experiments.” The first is to hit the enemy with five Psycho Power Super Arts. The next goal is to pull off a 10-hit combo. This can be very challenging, but you have some options to make the task easier:

  • Use Jamie’s Level 1 Super Art, Breakin’, which already has more than 10 hits built in.
  • Or, land a few hits, use Chun-Li’s Overdrive Lightning Legs (Quarter Circle Forward + KK), then continue kicking afterwards to exceed the 10 hit requirement.

After you complete these missions, a cutscene will play, and you will unlock M Bison as a Master.

Unlocking M Bison’s Outfit 2 in Street Fighter 6 World Tour Mode

To get M Bison’s Outfit 2 in Street Fighter 6 World Tour Mode, you need to give him enough gift items to raise his Bond Level to 100.

How to Get M Bison’s Best Gift Item: Carrot

M Bison’s best 40-point gift item is the Carrot. It’s not for him—it’s for his horse. To get it, talk to Dr. Badd again. He wants you to defeat his powerful Level 90 experiment using M Bison’s Style. This enemy hits hard, so try to close your level gap as much as possible before challenging him. Thankfully, all you need to do is defeat the experiment to earn the Carrot gift item.

How to Get M Bison’s Liked Gift Item: Globe

The Globe is M Bison’s 5-point gift item. You can occasionally obtain it from battling Merchant Hawker in the same Shadaloo lab where you became M Bison’s student. Although the description says “Hit with 3 Super Arts,” it actually means to hit him with three hits of a Super Art. Any Super Art that hits the opponent three times or more will work.

Where to buy M Bison’s Lesser Liked Gift Item: Psycho Charge

You can only get one Carrot, and you have to wait after defeating Hawker to get more Globes. To fill in any extra Bond Levels you need for M Bison, you can buy Psycho Charge items to give him. You can buy Psycho Charge at 1260 zenny a pop from Shopkeeper Tsanpa in the bazaar near your safehouse in Old Nayshall. This item gives two points of Bond, making it a great value item to invest in when working towards M Bison’s Outfit 2.

While most characters get two points from Prepaid Cards, M Bison has no interest in them, and only receives one point. Shadaloo experiment Ed is another character who doesn’t derive much value from the item.

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