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How to Unlock Akuma’s Outfit 2 in Street Fighter 6

A raging fashion demon

This guide goes over how to become Akuma’s student and unlock his Outfit 2 in Street Fighter 6.

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How to Unlock Akuma’s Outfit 2 in Street Fighter 6

While you could spend 50 Fighter Coins (approximately US$1) to purchase Akuma’s Outfit 2 in Street Fighter 6, you can unlock it for free by becoming Akuma’s student in World Tour Mode, and then raising his Bond Level to 100. Use the table of contents above to jump around to whichever point in the process you’re at.

How to Become Akuma’s Student in SF6 World Tour Mode

To become Akuma’s student in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour Mode, you’ll need to activate the “Master of the Styles” side quest, which leads to “The Murderous Demon” side quest.

Master of the Styles

Before starting Master of the Styles, you’ll want to have become Manon’s and JP’s student. Manon is optional but easy to find in France, and JP can become your teacher (located in the Nayshall arena at night) after you complete Chapter 15-1 of the story. You’ll also want to be Level 70 at the lowest, but ideally closer to or above Level 80.

To initiate Master of the Styles, you’ll have to have Akuma unlocked, either by purchasing the Year 1 Character Pass, the Ultimate Pass, or just purchasing him by himself for 350 Fighter Coins (approximately US$7).

Once you have Akuma unlocked, go to Metro City during the daytime in World Tour Mode. You’ll have a new quest to start, indicated by the teal crown icon on your map. Follow the icon to a flier posted on the wall. Find the flier and interact with it, prompting you to go to the SiRN building.

At the SiRN building, talk to Steven, who will take you to the R&D floor. From there, take an elevator in the middle of the floor to the fifth floor. You’ll know it’s the right elevator because it will be labeled as the elevator that goes to the fifth floor as you approach it.

On the fifth floor, talk to SiRN Staff Liu and challenge his three Copy Fighters. They are Levels 77 and 78, and you must defeat them using specific moves.

  • One Copy Fighter must be defeated by Luke’s Flash Knuckle.
  • One Copy Fighter must be defeated by Manon’s Manège Doré.
  • One Copy Fighter must be defeated by JP’s Stribog.

You can equip Manon’s and JP’s special moves on your fighter when you become their student. Because Luke is your first teacher in World Tour Mode, you can equip his Flash Knuckle special move by default.

Defeat each Copy Fighter with the move they ask for to receive the three Data Chip items. Once you get all three Data Chips, talk to Liu again. This time, he’ll tell you he wants to give the legendary Akuma’s style to one of his Copy Fighters and recommends you speak to Retsu in Genbu Temple in Japan.

The Murderous Demon

Speak to Retsu at Genbu Temple in Japan, and he’ll tell you about and unlock the new area Enma’s Hollow. Go to Enma’s Hollow and watch a cutscene featuring Akuma. After the cutscene, Akuma will be gone.

Return to Genbu Temple and talk to Retsu again, then go back to Enma’s Hollow. Talk to Akuma and you’ll be put into a fight with him immediately. He’s Level 80, but he will get bored and leave during the fight.

Go back again to Genbu Temple and talk to Retsu. He’ll tell you to fight your mentors Ryu and Luke. Start by challenging Ryu, who is also in Genbu Temple. Ryu is Level 80, but you can emerge victorious even at Level 70 if you have strong equipment.

Time to go back to Enma’s Hollow. Fight Akuma, who will once again leave in the middle of the fight. Then head to Metro City and talk to Luke to challenge and defeat him. Luke is also Level 80.

Next is, you guessed it, going back to Enma’s Hollow. Fight Akuma once again. This time, when you get him down to about half health, he will end the battle, but not to leave. Akuma is impressed with your determination and accepts you as his pupil.

This completes The Murderous Demon side quest. If you want to complete the Master of the Styles side quest, you can return to Liu in the SiRN building. He’ll want you to defeat his Copy Fighters with some of Akuma’s moves, which will require raising Akuma’s Style Level. The items you receive for completing this quest won’t help you get Akuma’s Outfit 2, so you don’t have to complete this side quest right away if you’d rather focus on getting Akuma’s Outfit 2.

How to Get Akuma’s Bond Level to 100

The easiest way to get Akuma’s Bond Level to 100 is to give him his preferred gifts until he reaches the max level. At Bond Level 100, you will permanently unlock Akuma’s Outfit 2.

Getting Akuma’s 40-Point Gift

The gift that gives Akuma a whopping 40 Bond points is the Fishing Hook. You’ll need to complete The Busybody Decoy and Into The Shadows in Shadaloo side quests to get this item.

The Busybody Decoy

To start The Busybody Decoy, go to Metro City at night and follow the quest marker (the teal icon with a crown) to the alleyway west of the park. There, talk to Experimental Subject Lee. He’ll kick off the quest by asking you to fight people around town.

Use the quest markers to find the people you need to fight, until you’re approached by a Shadaloo scout. Fight and defeat the Shadaloo scout, who is weaker than Akuma who you had to deal with not long ago.

Once you defeat the scout, return to Lee to unlock the next side quest.

Into The Shadows in Shadaloo

Lee wants you to infiltrate the new Shadaloo base he found. When you’re ready to go, tell him, and you’ll be sent to a ruined Shadaloo base and fight a few battles in a row. The enemies are around Level 75.

After the fights, you can explore the base. There are some item spots and a treasure chest. Collect the secret documents in the treasure chest and return to Lee. After you give him the documents, he will give you your item rewards, including the Fishing Hook.

Since the Fishing Hook increases Akuma’s Bond Level by 40, it greatly speeds up the process to max out his bond. It will also save you a good amount of money, because Akuma is very picky about the other gifts he likes.

Buying Natto for Akuma

Akuma is one of the rare few fighters who doesn’t like Prepaid Cards. The easiest item to give to him that raises his Bond Level by 2 points each time is Natto. It costs more than twice that of Prepaid Cards, at a whopping 4550 zenny each, but it will save you a lot of time to use them instead of using Prepaid Cards that are better spent on a fighter who actually gains 2 Bond Levels from them.

To buy Natto, speak to the merchant at Genbu Temple, near Retsu and Ryu. If you’ve given Akuma the Fishing Hook, you need to buy 30 Natto to max out his Bond Level. Once his Bond Level is at 100, you’ll unlock his Outfit 2! Don’t forget to also unlock Ed’s and A.K.I.’s Outfit 2 if you haven’t already.

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