Stellar Flare Event Guide & Rewards Listed in Honkai: Star Rail

This isn’t what I expected at all

Honkai: Star Rail has come out with a new event called the Stellar Flare and, originally, I thought it would be an event where we get double items like drops from the Gold and Crimson Calyx flowers before. Heaven knows I need them. The drop rate in Star Rail is abysmal, and I am suffering, but I’ll take any rewards that I can get. Let’s go over all the types of rewards you can get in the Stellar Flare Event in Honkai: Star Rail.

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All Rewards Listed in the Stellar Flare Event for Honkai: Star Rail

  • 500x Stellar Jades
  • 24x Traveler’s Guides
  • 40x Lost Gold Fragments
  • 160x Relic Remains
  • 5x Lifeless Blade
  • 5x Arrow of the Demon Slayer
  • 5x Key of Knowledge
  • 5x Oath of Steel
  • 5x Sprout of Life
  • 5x Ancestral Hymn
  • 5x Obsidian of Desolation
  • 400,000x Credits
  • 1x Tracks of Destiny

Guide to Achieving Rewards in the Stellar Flare Event for Honkai: Star Rail


No, that wouldn’t make for a good guide. But this event is ridiculous. For someone who is focused on building up Character Levels, Traces, and Light Cones, I have done very little work for Relics, and this event requires good builds that have a good Relic Set with decent stats. Which I do not have. So this event has been quite difficult for me. And for anyone who makes fun of me after seeing these party screenshots? Valid. But like, a majority of my time for these characters is focused on their levels, light cones, and traces. So, let’s get into it. 

Overall for this event, there are eight different challenges where you will have one trial character to take into your challenge and a buff that is meant to power up that trial character to help them do better. Pairing these characters well with your own party or taking advantage of the buff effect is how you’re going to get the most rewards for this event. 

If you are like me and bad at gathering relics, I’d suggest taking advantage of the trial character because they are leveled, they have good light cones equipped, and their Trace materials are leveled up to the max without using Echo of War drops. Their Relics are also catered to them and leveled up which is more than I can say for my characters. 

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All Challenges in the Steller Flare Event in Honkai: Star Rail

Screenshot by Prima Games

Take Their Lives While They’re Sick

Trial Character: Arlan

Buff Effect: When an ally inflicts Weakness Break, fully regenerates the ally’s Energy. After an Ultimate is used, the ally’s Damage is increased by 60% and can stack up to 5 times. 

Tip: Hunt characters who specialize in taking down enemies in singular hits is your best choice for this challenge. Arlan, naturally is the best since his Element matches up with most of the weaknesses presented by the enemies. Characters you should bring along should be Harmony characters to amp up Arlan’s damage such as Yukong or Tingyun and Yanqing can also be a great contender to help defeat the Automaton Grizzly which is known for being quite tanky. 

Septenary Woe, Annihilation

Trial Character: Luocha

Buff Effect: When an ally uses their Skill or Ultimate, they will consume 30% of their Max HP for a guaranteed Critical Hit on their next attack. This will also increase the Allies’ Attack by 50% for 2 turns and can stack up to 8 times. 

Tip: Luocha and Bailu will be great for this team since Luocha automatically heals characters that get too low and Bailu can resurrect those who are downed. She’s also Lightning so if she needs to, she can deal damage to gain you back a Skill Point. Luocha is good for this domain because he can heal and he can damage enemies since they are weak to Imaginary. The enemy’s weakness in this domain is primarily Ice, Imaginary, and Lightning so again, having Yanqing can be quite helpful. Along with Jing Yuan or Serval to help deal a lot of damage to these characters and Yukong, the rising star out of the Four-Stars will also do amazing in this domain. 

Contagious Psych Bomb

Trial Character: Himeko

Buff Effect: When an alley achieves a Weakness Break, reduces all enemies’ Toughness to 0 and applies the same type of Weakness break that the initial enemy took to all other enemies on the field. Yes, I did have to correct this slightly to make it make sense. When a Weakness is broken, Damage dealt to them is increased by 40% and can stack up to 12 times.

Tip: Himeko is such an odd choice here, but her follow-up attacks cannot be paralleled except for maybe by Herta which would also be a good choice here. Why do I keep forgetting about Herta… Another good character to bring along is the Physical Trailblazer or Sushang as well as a Quantum character so Seele, Silver Wolf, or Qingque to help fill out the damage for the other weaknesses in the opposing party. 

Limited Firepower

Trial Character: Qingque

Buff Effect: Using a Skill does not consume Skill Points. When using a Skill or Ultimate on allies, additionally increases the target ally’s Crit Rate by 20% and Crit Damage by 60% for 2 turns and stack up to 2 times. 

Tip: How did I miss this my first time around? Oh right, I don’t like to read instructions in tiny boxes. Bring a Harmony character, preferably Tingyun or Yukong. You can’t say that you don’t have them when Tingyun is available in the Starglitter Store while this event is live. Then you choose your DPS which can be Qingque, Physical Trailblazer or Sushang or Yanqing, or Herta. Because I keep forgetting her. Take advantage of those buffs you can get because if you are free to use Skills without consuming points, it becomes a free-for-all.

It’s My Turn!

Trial Character: Welt

Buff Effect: After an ally uses their Skill, they immediately gain 1 extra turn. The next time they use their Ultimate, the Damage is increased by 100% and can stack up to 3 times.

Tip: Jing Yuan and Serval are going to be fantastic for achieving these rewards, especially if you have Jing Yuan, but Serval also has some great Energy Regeneration. Next, you want to account for having a Wind Character so Sampo and Dan Heng are really nice to have on hand, but you could probably do this with Jing Yuan or Serval and place a Harmony in there for the extra damage.

More Than Ice and Fire

Trial Character: Serval

Buff Effect: All allies’ Break effect increase by 100%. When an ally inflicts Weakness Break, enemies suffer from all debuffs and Damage Over Time that they are weak to. When allies use a skill, all Damage Over Time effects will be triggered onto the attacked enemy equal to 100% of the original damage

Tip: Serval and Jing Yuan would end this domain by themselves given the chance, bring in Yukong and Asta so they are always going first and you will have a sure-fire of breezing through this. Energy Regeneration and conserving Skill Points are probably the most important in this trial, so maybe having all your characters on it may not be the best but having Asta with her Speed buff may just help. 


Trial Character: Tingyun

Buff Effect: All allies’ Energy Regeneration Rate increases by 50%. After an ally uses their Ultimate, all Allies regenerate 10 Energy, as well as an increase in Crit Rate by 5% and Crit Damage by 15% for 2 turns and this can stack up to 10 times.

Tip: Serval would be so broken on this one, why didn’t I try it the first time around? Her Energy Regeneration would be so hilarious to see her smack down these characters repeatedly. I’m doing this again but putting Jing Yuan’s Light Cone on her to see what happens. Naturally, having Tingyun here to increase damage is perfect, but then you’ll want to account for that Stormbringer, so having a good damage dealer in Fire or Ice is going to be necessary to take them down. Yanqing is very good and maybe even Fire Preservation Trailblazer. Tingyun is a glass canon, she’s great at arming your allies, but she’ll attract a lot of enemies so it’s best to ward them away from her given the chance. Remember to place your Preservation Trailblazer as far away from your weakest character because they will taunt enemies attack and this can result in AOE damage to characters near them. 

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Comatose for but a Second

Trial Character: Sampo. My Boy.

Buff Effect: All ally’s Break Effect increase by 100%. When an ally inflicts Weakness Break on an enemy, the enemy’s Toughness regenerates to its Maximum. But when an enemy’s Weakness is Broken, all Damage Over Time effects currently applied to this character will immediately deal Damage equal to 80% of the original Damage.

Tip: This one is a bit tricky because the Toughness comes back when each shield is broken through for your enemies. So your goal in this challenge is to hit enemies with multiple attacks, so your primary characters are going to be Sampo, Himeko, Asta, Jing Yuan, and Serval. Having a Fire, Lightning, and Wind character deal enough damage to the opposing enemies will help to build up the Damage over Time Effects you’ll trigger on them. So whenever their turn arrives, the DOT will take them out before you have to. The last character you should bring is the Physical Trailblazer or Herta so she can deal with the Flamespawn. That way when you do break through shields, you’ll be effectively Dealing Wind Sheer Damage, Burning Damage, Frozen Damage, Lightning Damage (Electrocuted?), and Bleeding damage from having broken their shields multiple times.

That’s all for our guide on the Stellar Flare Event in Honkai: Star Rail. We’ve had a few peeks at the new characters coming in the future, so check out Who is Lynx in Honkai: Star Rail for more information about the newest roster additions!

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