Lab Assistants in Position Event Guide & Rewards in Honkai: Star Rail

I’m sorry, their tail can do what now–?

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While this is a fantastic concept for an event, I could have done without some of these queries, like how did you come up with these types of questions in Honkai: Star Rail? In Lab Assistants in Position, Trailblazers will be helping out Wen Shiling, a Researcher at Herta’s Space Station, by uncovering information about some of the Legion enemies we come across by supplying her with our battle results and dropped items received around the map. 

Rewards from Lab Assistants in Position from Honkai: Star Rail Listed

  • 500x Stellar Jades
  • 3x Lifeless Blade
  • 3x Arrow of the Demon Slayer
  • 3x Key of Knowledge
  • 3x Oath of Steel
  • 3x Sprout of Life
  • 3x Ancestral Hymn
  • 3x Obsidian of Desolation
  • 7x All Good Potions
  • All Good Potion Recipe
  • 210,000x Credits

Guide and Review for Lab Assistants in Position from Honkai: Star Rail

Admittedly, I thought that there would be more to this event when it was spoken about during the Galactic Roaming Preview, but this event is as simple as Elvis– I mean Liben’s Marvelous Merchandise event. If you’ve played Genshin Impact before or haven’t, this event requires you to drop by each day and visit Liben, a rather eccentrically dressed individual who you can’t miss when walking the streets of Mondstadt. He’ll require different materials that are found throughout each continent and in exchange for these, he’ll give you Primogems, talent materials, Mora, and more for your hard work. Ultimately, you usually get a bigger payout if you complete all five days of visiting him, resulting in more Primogems on top of that. Primogems in Genshin Impact are similar to how Stellar Jades work in Honkai: Star Rail. 

Lab Assistants in Position is almost an exact replica of that where you will submit materials to Wen Shiling and get rewards back from her. All under the guise of research and by looking into certain enemies, I can’t imagine if you haven’t come across these enemies, would you then need to go and look for them? But for the most part, it’s all a rather simple event. It doesn’t look like it’s based on a timely duration like Liben’s is either. You can complete as many missions that are available until you have attained them all. You just need to step back from the mission object and exit the conversation before speaking to Win Shiling again to start up the new inquiry and deliver the correct items for her next query. 

How to Find These Items Wen Shiling Needs in Honkai: Star Rail?

These are a lot of strange items that Wen Shiling is asking for, so what if you come across some that you don’t recognize or just don’t have enough of? Luckily, Honkai: Star Rail is pretty forgiving in terms of tracking down items. You won’t even need to open up an internet window in order to look up a map, all you have to do is click the ingredient. 

You’ll have a list of the items on Wen Shiling’s prompt, clicking the item that you are lacking will open the item up in a large window so you can see details about the item. Little descriptions, maybe some anecdotes, and where you find it in shops and on the overworld map. For example, if you were to open up Metal, you’d see what type of Synthesis Material it is, a description, and underneath Sources, where it can be found. Metal can be found in the Administrative District Shop and found in any destructible objects within the Herta Space Station. The Shop will have a prompt that will lead you to teleport near the shop so you can buy it. Or you can traverse the Herta Space Station map and destroy some things in order to get it for free!

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Hopefully, that helps to navigate around this relatively simple event. For more tips and listed rewards for Honkai: Star Rail Events, check out our Museum Guide and the Boulder Town Brawl Guide. Remember you’ll be able to revisit old events that have been cataloged so if you missed out before, you could still claim rewards for future banners. 

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