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It’s time for our first event in Honkai: Star Rail! Alongside the main story, Trailblazers can expect to participate in side quests and competitions that can reward them in Steller Jades, materials, and more! The ongoing event with the release of Jing Yuan is Boulder Town’s Super League Event.

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Complete Featherweight Guide in the Boulder Town Super League

In the Super League, you’ll actually get the chance to try Jing Yuan and see how he does in battle. He’ll start out at level 55 and is relatively well-built, but he’s not at max stats or uses his light cone. Instead, he’ll use Make the World Clamor at level 55 and his traces are all leveled up to 4. However, his relics are maxed out so you don’t need to worry about him slacking behind on your team.

Although the game will say that it’s drawing lots for the enemies that you’ll face, the majority of the enemies you’ll face are Silverman Guards in the first few rounds, a Decaying Shadow Lady in the third round, and the finale ending with an Ice Out of Space, and a Blaze Out of Space enemy.

For this, the game recommends that you bring Level 50 characters to the fight with a Wind, Quantum, Fire, and Lightning Element. However, for these types of enemies–while they do encompass these weaknesses, they aren’t actually the best to bring in this round of fights.

Instead, what we would recommend is bringing a Physical, Ice, Wind, and either Quantum or Lightning for the fight. Depending on your roster, this can change with some leeway, maybe a Fire might be useful if they are the Trailblazer in Preservation or Asta for some extra speed or breaking through weaknesses. Hilariously enough, Jing Yuan isn’t useful for the more powerful enemies, but gosh darn he’s a fun unit to have on board. Although the recommendations look very similar, the Silverman Guards tend to be more vulnerable towards Physical and Ice so if you have a bulky damage dealer, they can make quick work of those first few fights.

Complete Lightweight Guide in the Boulder Town Super League

For the Lightweight, you get to use a trial Hook and since she’s a Fire Pathfinder of Destruction, you can expect your buffs to lean heavily towards dealing more damage for single-target build sets. So characters that do exceptionally well by focusing on one character will shine in this particular match. The enemies are still leveled around 50, with the highest climbing up to 53 but your trial Hook will be leveled 55 and have relatively the same traces leveled up to 4 as Jing Yuan had in the Featherweight Tournament.

You are recommended to bring a Fire, Wind, Ice, and Lightning set of characters to this round and while it’s significantly better than having Jing Yuan in the Featherweight division since Hook will be much more useful in the Lightweight, you do still need to plan who are you bringing very carefully. As mentioned before, this tournament will reward characters that do single-target damage. However, before you ante up your Seele, she won’t do much against these enemies since only the Ice Out of Space enemies are weak to Quantum in the third round. Your other enemies are Vagrants, and Automaton Hounds, and the last round features a Decaying Shadow and the Searing Prowler.

Your best bet is to bring Level 50 characters that excel in Fire, Wind, and Lightning damage. Ice can be useful, however, the most available Ice characters are those in Preservation. So your best bet is to use a character like Herta or Yanqing if you have them built. Then either get a shield or a healer in just to cover your bases. Physical can be quite useful and interchanged with an Imaginary character if you were lucky enough to get one. The recommendations for this round are much better than the first one, and the trial character actually gets to shine.

Complete Middleweight Guide in the Boulder Town Super League

Why. Why wasn’t Jing Yuan used in this one? It doesn’t make any flipping sense–whatever. So Middleweight has a focus on buffing characters that have follow-up attacks and your trial character this round is Serval. Yes, she’s an excellent character and does have a follow-up attack of sorts but only if she breaks weakness effects. I’m just saying that if you were going to have a trial where people got to use Jing Yuan, why not use him in THIS round?! Serval is better for damage over time–I digress. She’s well-built, Level 55, Level 4 Traces, and she’s got her Light Cone–moving on. 

Your recommended characters haven’t changed much from the prior matches, but here’s what you’re going to want to take in with you, a Fire, Quantum, and Wind character. And while you can use the Serval, you’re likely to get more use out of Jing Yuan if you have him since he actually has follow-up attacks that will benefit from this match. Ice can actually help you break through a few of the tougher fights in the third match of the round, but Lightning can easily carry you through as well. A Quantum is actually highly recommended especially for the last few fights, although Seele is popular, Qingque would actually get a lot of buffs from the match rewards in this instance. 

In these couple of rounds, we are once again up against some Silvermane Guards and Automatons, the bulky ones at that. You get guards within the first few rounds then the Grizzly and the Direwolf in the third round. In the finale, you get to go against a Frigid Prowler who will summon friends to the fight so be prepared with a good healer or a shield. This is where the Fire character will come in handy to help get rid of these pesky guys and Asta will help keep your characters in order before your enemies attack. Your enemies all stand at about Level 50 with no one exceeding 54 so be sure to bring in characters of similar levels.

Complete Welterweight Guide in the Boulder Town Super League

In the Welterweight round, our trial character is none other than Gepard so you can bet the buffs will surround Preservation Pathfinders so shields get the most advantages this round. Gepard is quite useful in this fight, mostly because his Ultimate generates shields for everyone in the party. Since Energy for each character in the party starts out around the halfway mark each round, you don’t need to work too hard to get Gepard’s Ultimate up and ready for use. Like previous characters, he’s Level 55 with well-rounded leveled Traces so he won’t be lagging behind in any capacity. Unless you’ve maxed out your characters by now…. I suppose there is that.

The enemy’s this around include the Frostspawns, Flamespawns, and more Silvermane Guards since Gepard needs to whip them into shape. The later rounds include Guardian Shadows and a Frigid Prowler so that shield is going to help you in the long run.

The recommended elements this time around are Fire, Physical, Wind, and Quantum, and for once, I’d say they are pretty on the money. These elements are the best to keep in the rotation alongside Gepard, he’ll be useful for some of the ice fights ahead but his shields are going to be the biggest bonus. Alongside that, having an aggressive Wind Pathfinder to attack as well as a Fire Character to break through the shields, you are free to have a little more fun with this round.

Complete Heavyweight Guide in the Boulder Town Super League

Himeko is our trial character in this run, and oh boy, can she pack a punch. With the element of Fire, Himeko excels at follow-up attacks and AOE damage with both her Skill and Ultimate. Funny enough, the buffs in this round are mostly for Weakness Breaks so I recommend that you follow the recommended Elements in order to do well against the enemies ahead.

Your enemies this time will be Incineration Shadewalkers, Silvermane Guards, and Vagrants, along with a Decaying Shadow in the third round with more Incineration Shadewalker allies. Your final match for the entire Heavyweight competition is also none other than Boss Svarog. But don’t start sweating just yet, he’s a lot more lax in this edition and only needs to be taken down once. 

For the Heavyweight fight, the game recommends that you bring Fire, Wind, Lightning, and Quantum and they are spot-on. If you don’t have heavy hitters, Physical works well too in this fight especially when you go against Svarog. Aside from that, be sure to bring a healer but for this round, it’s an all-out brawl to see who can knock out who first.

All Boulder Town Super League Rewards Listed in Honkai: Star Rail

  • 1x Tracks of Destiny
  • 600x Stellar Jade
  • 30x Traveler’s Guide
  • 16x Refined Aether
  • 12x Adventure Log
  • 28x Condensed Aether
  • 29x Lost Gold Fragments
  • 150,000 Credits

How to Participate in the Boulder Town Super League Event in Honkai: Star Rail

After completing the sidequest for Scott to participate in the original League Event, The Super League Event in Boulder Town is available on Jarilo VI. You don’t need to initiate any other quests or stories to begin, so you’re free to teleport right to the Underground Fighting Ring and start working your way up the ranks to rewards.

The first time you come checking in, you’ll automatically begin the quest but, whenever you are revisiting to start the next sections, all you’ll need to do is talk to Mr. Dig on the left side of the fighting ring and begin the tournament!

All You Need to Know About the Boulder Town Super League Event in Honkai: Star Rail

Featherweight Menu

In case you’re new to the tournaments in Boulder Town, the event is all about battling opponents in the fighting ring with your usual team of four characters to help you win. During each round, you’ll receive a buff to give you a bit more boom-shacka-lacka to your fight. And with each win, you’ll receive another additional buff as a reward for your achievement.

The event itself is broken down into five tournaments: Featherweight, Lightweight, Welterweight, Middleweight, and Heavyweight. For completing each one, you get a set reward of Stellar Jades, Level-Up Material, and Credits, then for completing the challenges in each one, you’ll receive more of those rewards for your hard-earned efforts. 

The Boulder Town Super League Event will continue for 17 days; however, the tournaments won’t unlock all at once. You’ll need to wait two to three days for each tournament to become available and you must defeat the prior challenge in order to unlock the more difficult ones. In order to unlock the Middleweight, you must complete the Welterweight, for example. It makes sense that Hoyoverse doesn’t want all of them available right from the get-go, but it does make for a slow-going event. I suppose that they are trying to pace their players so that there is a continual stream of new content.

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For each tournament, you enter with a recommended four characters, however, as soon as each round starts, you have a randomized chance to draw any type of encounter from a list of enemies. You can follow the set guide that is given to you since it’ll cover all of the weaknesses that are present in that arsenal but be prepared that you may have a harder time against some of the enemies if you don’t plan your rotation carefully.

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