Who is Lynx in Honkai: Star Rail? – Answered

Our newest, sweet little healer

Just as predicted, Lynx will be gracing Honkai: Star Rail come the game’s 1.3 update. Not too long after releasing information about Dan Heng and Fu Xuan’s splash art, it looks like they’ll stay true to the pattern of keeping a Four-Star on the banner following our newest Five-Stars in their limited-time banner. Unlike them though, Lynx will likely be added to the pool of characters you can get from the Permanent Banner and any limited-time banners following 1.3. So who exactly is she?

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Everything You Need to Know About Lynx From Honkai: Star Rail

Now this character may have come as a bit of a surprise to you since we really haven’t seen hide or hair of this character before now. It seems by chance that she is premiering to drop from the pool of collected characters that Hoyoverse is holding on to. Even the Beta Tests from before Honkai: Star Rail was released didn’t have any information on her, so let’s look first at what the Official Twitter states about her first.

Our sweet pea of a character is none other than the youngest daughter of the Landau family, meaning that she is related to Gepard and Serval. You may wonder where she might have been this entire arc, but it seems like Serval isn’t the only estranged daughter in the family. Lynx is a bit of an environmental explorer and typically doesn’t engage in her family affairs, known as the introvert of the family. After all, in all the instances we’ve seen her, she’s been out in the wilderness rather than seen anywhere in Belabog. 

And yes, we have actually seen her before. Several times! Not only was she revealed in Honkai: Star Rail’s Official YouTube Video “Interstellar Journey”, but like another character that is coming up in the story, she already does have a Light Cone that reveals a lot about her character before Hoyoverse even needs to reveal anything. 

Luka is a character that will be released in 1.2 alongside Kafka; in the Light Cones you can receive, he already has a light cone in the game that indicates that he is a Physical Character. Likewise, Lynx has a Light Cone in the Battle Pass or the Nameless Honor as the game covers it. 

Warmth Shortens Cold Nights Light Cone from Honkai: Star Rail
Screenshot by Prima Games

Warmth Shortens Cold Nights is an Abundance light cone that can be retrieved for buying the Battle pass and completing Level 30 where you are free to choose out of seven Light Cones, which you’d like to add to your collection. It increases the wearer’s Max HP by 16%. When Basic Attack or Skill is used, it’ll restore all allies’ HP by an amount equal to 2.0% of their respective Max HP. So what we have to look forward to is Lynx being a healer once she is released in 1.3. Something you could have seen before Lynx was even revealed by Hoyoverse.

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We do have confirmation that Lynx is going to be Quantum based on the Tweet that Honkai: Star Rail released, so we will officially have enough Quantum characters come 1.3 to achieve a Mono Quantum party. But you can also have a primarily Landau party! Now if only Hoyoverse could release one more sibling…

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