Starfield: Two Tales, Two Cities Quest Walkthrough

You have a choice, detective.

Starfield Sergeant Yumi
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Your time spent working as a detective for Sergeant Yumi is coming to a close, but he has one more case for you to investigate. Here is how to complete Two Tales, Two Cities in Starfield.

How to Start Two Tales, Two Cities in Starfield

You will start Two Tales, Two Cities after finishing Search and Seizure. As usual with this questline, you’ll want to return to the UC Security Checkpoint just beyond the New Atlantis Starport to speak with Sergeant Yumi.

He’ll ask you to investigate a bout of vandalism at the Embassy District, which is in the MAST District.

How to Complete Two Tales, Two Cities in Starfield

To complete Two Tales, Two Cities, you must track down the vandal messing in the Embassy District, but there’s a catch. You must follow the evidence and work with the investigating officer to determine who is the real culprit. You can choose “incorrectly.”

Two Tales, Two Cities Quest Objectives
Speak to Sergeant Yumi
Investigate the Incident at the Embassy District
Speak to Officer Markkanen
Speak to Functionary Gershon
Check the Computer for Evidence on the Vandal
Speak to Officer Markkanen
Arrest Functionary Gershon at UC Security

When you head to MAST, you’ll find Officer Markkanen already on the case, speaking with a witness. You must talk with her to progress, as you’ll work with her to find the culprit.

She’ll tell you all about the witness’ statement, but it doesn’t match the police report, so something seems fishy. She’ll ask you to speak with Functionary Gershon at the Cabinet Chambers / Interstellar Affairs office.

But first, the witness. He’ll give you two clues:

  • The culprit wore a flannel shirt.
  • They carried a copy of Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities.

With that information, head over to Functionary Gershon in MAST. He’ll offer to let you check his computer, where there is a written statement.

Starfield Tahir Vala
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On this computer, you’ll find an entry regarding Tahir Vala, alongside the Witness Testimony, which paints Vala as the culprit. But like any good detective, you’ll want additional evidence. You can find the Space Trucker Flannel in the garbage can beside Functionary Gershon’s desk, plus he has a copy of the same book in the nearby storage cabinet.

With this information, you can once more speak with Officer Markkanen. You can blame Tahir or hand over the evidence pointing to Functionary Gershon.

With that out of the way, return to Sergeant Yumi. It’s up to him to accuse and arrest Functionary Gershon. But for that, you must pass a persuasion check, though the flannel offers a +2 and the book gives a +4 straight off the bat.

Two Tales, Two Cities Quest Rewards

With the proper culprit arrested, you will receive the following quest rewards for Two Tales, Two Cities:

  • 200 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

This one was rather interesting. You genuinely get to play the part of a detective, tracking down clues, speaking with witnesses, and presenting your case. It was fun!

Keep the detective hat on when you finish this one and tackle Suspicious Activities in The Well.

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