Starfield: The Kindness of Strangers Quest Walkthrough

A little charity goes a long way.

Starfield Tahir Vala
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Helping your fellow man rings out for all eternity, setting a precedent that can shake up society. Anyway, here’s how to complete The Kindness of Strangers in Starfield.

How to Start The Kindness of Strangers in Starfield

Starfield Andy Singh
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To begin The Kindness of Strangers, head down to The Well and visit the House of Enlightenment, where you will find Andy Singh. He’s likely reading a book or hanging around behind the front desk.

Speak with him, ask him for any work, and he’ll point you toward a down-on-his-luck soul that requires help getting home and finding a hot meal after a visit to the local Medbay.

How to Complete The Kindness of Strangers in Starfield

To complete The Kindness of Strangers, you must pick up Tahir Vala from the Medbay, escort him to Kay’s House for a homecooked meal, then bring him home safely. I hope you like walking!

The Kindness of Strangers Quest Objectives
Speak to Andy Singh
Pick Up the Patient from the Medbay
Stop by Kay’s for a Homecooked Meal
Escort the Patient Home

You will find Tahir sitting on a bench by the Medbay. He’s hurting and can’t make it home alone, so you’ll offer to help him. But he’s from The Well. He doesn’t trust easily. You’ll have to use dialogue to let him know that this isn’t a scam.

Once he trusts you, head to Kay’s House to pick up his food. If you let her know it’s for Tahir, she’ll provide a Miso Soup completely free from Andy Singh, which you can then give to Tahir.

Starfield Kay's House
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Afterward, bring Tahir home. He lives in an alleyway beside the Medbay. Once there, speak with him again. He’ll thank you, and you can choose the dialogue to give him the soup.

The Kindness of Strangers Bug

I ran into a bug in which, after working on most of Sergeant Yumi’s questline to help the UC Security, I couldn’t progress through The Kindness of Strangers. As Tahir, the main character of The Kindness of Strangers, is the prime suspect in Two Tales, Two Cities, the game somehow forced me into the latter quest while skipping every part except for the finale. I automatically accused Tahir of a crime of which I had zero clue about. It locked me out of The Kindness of Strangers, forcing me to complete the side quest on a different character.

As such, I recommend doing The Kindness of Strangers early in your playthrough, before you speak with Sergeant Yumi, to avoid confusion or soft lock issues.

The Kindness of Strangers Quest Rewards

For completing The Kindness of Strangers, you will receive:

  • 150 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

This is a feel-good quest that, while somewhat annoying, as is common when dealing with a slow-walking NPC, is simple enough with a high payday.

While you’re down in The Well, we recommend A Shipment for Salinas. You’ll open up a new weapon story for completing it!

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