Starfield: The Audition Quest Walkthrough

Do you want to join a gang?

Starfield Ebbside Strikers in Neon
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Ebbside in Neon is a seedy, cramped environment with numerous tough-as-nails gangs that love to assert their authority over the everyday person, and one of those is the Disciples. To deal with them, we must learn how to complete The Audition in Starfield.

How to Start The Audition in Starfield

To start The Audition, you will hear about them upon entering Ebbside from the elevator directly beside the spaceport elevator. There, a homeless “crate rat” will warn you about the local gang scene, specifically about the Ebbside Strikers and Disciples, which will generate a miscellaneous quest to meet them.

How to Complete The Audition in Starfield

To complete The Audition, you must first meet the Ebbside Strikers in their hangout above Madame Savauge’s Place in Ebbside, then attempt to join their dwindling ranks to face off against the Disciples.

But first, they have an audition for you to see if you’re Strikers material.

The Audition Quest Objectives
Meet the Ebbside Strikers
Meet Briggs
Acquire the Disciples’ Slate
Speak to Briggs

Upon entering Madame Savauge’s Place, you will immediately notice one woman who stands apart from the generic crowd that calls this bar home. She’s standing by the bar, up against the wall, and looks mean. Here is Andrea, and she’s your path into the Ebbside Strikers.

Go up and speak with her. You will soon learn that she’s barred from violence inside the bar, and it feels like the Ebbside Strikers are more bark than bite now.

No matter your impressions, if you want to join them, continue speaking with her until she offers to bring you upstairs to meet the big boss, Briggs. Briggs runs the Ebbside Strikers, and he’s ready for some new blood to help defeat the Disciples, but he has to test you first. He wants you to sneak into Warehouse 02 in Ebbside and, without killing anyone, retrieve the data slate from the crate at the back of the warehouse.

The Starfield The Audition Crate
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Inside Warehouse 03, there are three Disciples. One is on the top floor, on the catwalk, and you can easily sneak behind them to get downstairs. The other two are in the middle of the ground floor, working on something, and the crate you require access to sits beside them on the opposite side of the shelf.

You can crouch and sneak past all three if you move slowly and quietly. Once you make it to the crate and retrieve the data pad, follow the same path. But remember to stay crouched.

The Audition Quest Rewards

For completing The Audition, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 50 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

Again, like so many of the side quests in Neon, this isn’t a challenging quest. It’s a nice change, though. Instead of shooting our way through an encounter or using persuasion, we actually get to sneak for once!

If you want additional credits, we recommend All For One in Neon. You’ll work with James Newill to resolve his qualms with Dietrich Sieghart down the way.

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