Starfield: The Art Dealer Quest Walkthrough

Who knew handling art could pay so well?

Starfield Samson Cebrail
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You always hear about the starving artist, but it appears someone is making a ton of credits off artwork in New Atlantis. Here is how to beat The Art Dealer in Starfield.

How to Start The Art Dealer

To start The Art Dealer, you will likely bump into Samson Cebrail in Jemison Mercantile, right by the New Atlantis Starport, while you’re shopping for resources like Adaptive Frames. He’s just chilling by himself near the statues in the center of the room, and he looks shady. If you don’t mind that in a person, walk up and introduce yourself. He has a package that needs a discreet courier.

How to Complete The Art Dealer in Starfield

To complete The Art Dealer in Starfield, you must help Samson retrieve a priceless package of art from the local Trade Authority in The Well. But there’s a catch. He wants you to be quiet about this little gig, so be wary.

The Art Dealer Quest Objectives
Speak to Samson Cebrail
Get the Art from Zoe Kaminski
Return to Samson

With all the hush-hush involved, one would think The Art Dealer would ramp up in excitement. Instead, it doesn’t. Who would have guessed?

You will head down to The Well, where you will find the local Trade Authority and deal with Zoe Kaminski. Do you remember her from Alternating Currents? Well, she has the package and tells you that the Trade Authority is happy to deal in any such items, no matter how hot.

Starfield Zoe Kaminski
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Once you’ve acquired the priceless artwork from Zoe at the Trade Authority, return to Samson. He’ll pay you what you’re owed but tell you that the two of you aren’t working together again. In fact, if you try to speak with him further, he’ll tell you to keep it down and that he refuses to discuss your previous business dealings.

Oh, well. It’s credits in your pocket, right?

The Art Dealer Quest Rewards

For completing The Art Dealer in Starfield, you will receive the following quest rewards:

  • 100 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

Again, another fetch quest. I’m beginning to worry about Bethesda Game Studios’ writing and quest department, as many of the quests in Starfield revolve around “go here, pick up item, return.”

Once you’re done with The Art Dealer, head on over to speak with Sergeant Yumi. He has a few side quests for you to tackle, including A Break at Dawn.

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