Starfield: The Akila Run Quest Walkthrough

Evade scans, make plans.

Starfield Mr. Sood at Hopetown
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How do you feel about smuggling contraband across the Settled Systems? You’d better grow accustomed to the act to complete The Akila Run in Starfield.

How to Start The Akila Run in Starfield

To begin The Akila Run in Hopetown, you must meet and speak with Mr. Sood in front of HopeTech. He’s the mysterious stranger leaning against a wall to the right-hand side of the main entrance.

From the get-go, it’s clear that Mr. Sood doesn’t play nice or follow laws and regulations to make his money. This makes sense, considering he wants us to smuggle contraband into Akila City.

How to Complete The Akila Run in Starfield

To complete The Akila Run, you must successfully smuggle a piece of contraband from Hopetown to Akila City, then deliver the package to Tom Starret. It’s easier said than done because, even with a shielded cargo hold, there’s a chance for security to scan your ship and find the goods.

The Akila Run Quest Objectives
Speak to Mr. Sood
Smuggle Mr. Sood’s Package into Akila City
Deliver Mr. Sood’s Package to Tom Starret

You’ll receive the package after speaking with Mr. Sood outside of HopeTech in Hopetown. He’s upfront about it being contraband, so at least there’s that. But if you don’t have a shielded cargo hold on your current ship, do not bother. It’s a 0% chance of smuggling the goods into Akila City without one.

If you need a ship with a shielded cargo hold, we recommend scooping up the Razorleaf from The Mantis questline. It comes equipped with one.

Starfield Tom Starret
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If you have a shielded cargo hold and successfully make it through the scans, enter Akila City and track down Tom Starret. He’s usually hanging around near the brewery, on the left side of the city, up against a wall in a side alley. He’s a contractor for The Trade Authority, so he understands how to remain discreet and move such illicit goods quietly.

With the package delivered, collect your payment and return to a life on the light side.

The Akila Run Quest Rewards

For completing The Akila Run, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 75 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

While indeed an exciting quest, what with all the smuggling, it’s short-lived. This could have easily become a multi-part quest to introduce smuggling better and help you become a genuine smuggler. Instead, it’s a one-off.

While you’re in Akila City, why not tackle Defensive Measures? It starts a three-part questline helping the Akila City Security deal with the Ashta threat.

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