Starfield: Special Delivery Quest Walkthrough

A hand-delivered present from yours truly!

Starfield Chris Cullen in Cydonia
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With ships traveling faster than the speed of light, all thanks to the power of a Grav Drive, it’s easier to pay someone to fly to another planet than to send mail the traditional way. Here is how to complete Special Delivery in Starfield.

How to Start Special Delivery in Starfield

To start Special Delivery, you must track down Chris Cullen in the Residential District of Cydonia. If you’re having trouble finding him, head to the UC Barracks. It’s located in the back right corner of the zone, and he’s usually wandering about inside. Just look for the bald guy!

How to Complete Special Delivery in Starfield

To complete Special Delivery, you must first speak with Chris Cullen about his posting in Cydonia as a UC Marine, then agree to deliver a present to his sister, Logan Cullen, who resides in New Atlantis. They don’t see each other often, so this rare correspondence means the world to them both.

Special Delivery Quest Objectives
Speak to Chris Cullen
Deliver the Presents to Logan Cullen

Overall, this is one of the easiest side quests in Cydonia. Sure, you must hop back in your spaceship and fly away from the red planet, back to New Atlantis, but it’s a quick trip—a single jump in any ship.

Once you arrive, head directly to the Commercial District. Logan Cullen likes to wander the area, and in my game, I found her roaming the walkways above TerraBrew. She’s a unique character, so no matter the crowd, she stands out.

Starfield Logan Cullen
Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you hand over the presents, she’ll ask about her brother. You can tell her to read the letter for more information, and she’ll thank you with some credits and kind words. Quest complete!

Special Delivery Quest Rewards

For completing Special Delivery in Starfield, you will receive the following quest rewards:

  • 100 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

It doesn’t pay exceptionally well, but hey, it’s a simple job—a mere distraction, if you will.

But if you want something with more action, we recommend Groundpounder. It’s an excellent, lengthy side quest with a ton of fighting to tackle!

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