Starfield Serpentis System Location: How to Get to the Serpentis System in Starfield

The Great Serpent smiles upon it.

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Starfield offers a world that is as vast and intricate as you’d expect a universe to be. Not only can you explore the Solar System, but also about a hundred other star systems in the process. Each has a host of various planets and moons to check out and plenty of smaller locations to discover. One system, however, has a few people tripped up. Here’s how to find the Serpentis system in Starfield.

Where to Find the Serpentis System in Starfield

The Serpentis system can be found on the right side of the star chart, close to but not quite at the eastern edge. It’s found roughly east of the Kryx system and the southeast of the Ixyll system and is surrounded by the Sparta, Nirah, and Maal systems. It’s also shown as much bigger than some of the other star systems, if that helps point it out.

The Serpentis system is host to the following planets and moons:

  • Serpentis I
  • Serpentis II
    • Serpentis II-A
    • Serpentis II-B
  • Serpentis III
  • Serpentis IV
    • Serpentis IV-A
  • Serpentis V
    • Serpentis V-A
    • Serpentis V-B
    • Serpentis V-C
    • Serpentis V-D
  • Serpentis VI
    • Serpentis VI-A
    • Serpentis VI-B

Is There Anything Unique About the Serpentis System?

The Serpentis system has no super interesting landmarks, but the characteristics are a different story. As the name might’ve already implied, the Serpentis system is frequented by members of House Va’ruun, who worship the Great Serpent. As such, this is a really easy place to find hostile Va’ruun ships if you want to tell their serpent to shove it. This is also a level 55 system, so you should get a fair bit of XP by killing enemies on and off its planets.

If you’re looking for other systems, check out our guide on the Valo system location in Starfield.

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