Starfield: Red Tape Reclamation Quest Walkthrough

A missing shipment and a careless worker.

Starfield Hank Walking on Mars
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Continuing on from Red Tape Blues and Red Tape Runaround, this side quest on Cydonia involves tracking down the missing shipment of mining equipment. Here is how to complete Red Tape Reclamation in Starfield.

How to Start Red Tape Reclamation

Starfield Trevor Petyarre
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Like the two previous quests in this line, you will start Red Tape Reclamation by speaking with Trevor Petyarre. He’s down in the mining pit on the lowest floor in Cydonia, but you’ll likely talk to him immediately after finishing the previous quest.

How to Complete Red Tape Reclamation

To complete Red Tape Reclamation in Starfield, you must track down the missing shipment and the worker tasked with picking up the equipment. Just be wary! This quest involves a lot of walking, including one long trek across the surface of Mars on foot.

Red Tape Reclamation Quest Objectives
Speak to Trevor
Speak to the Ship Services Technician
Speak to Trevor
Find Hank Ferraro
Speak to Hank
Follow Hank
Try to Talk Hank Down
Defeat Hank
Return to Trevor

Trevor will tell you precisely who offered to pick up the shipment of mining equipment, and it’s Hank Ferraro. Trevor doesn’t find him to be the most competent worker in the mine, but he loved the initiative.

You’ll first speak with the Ship Services Technician outside, who explains the equipment arrived but didn’t land at the starport. Instead, Hank is found inside the local bar, The Broken Spear, having a drink and patting himself on the back. You’ll want to confront him regarding the missing equipment.

Starfield Hank Ferraro
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He’ll give up almost immediately, offering to bring you to the equipment to collect it yourself. Here is the long walk I previously mentioned, too.

Hank parked his ship quite a distance from Cydonia, in the back of the ship services and repair section outside. But if your instincts are good, you know Hank will draw on you and try to walk away clean with the shipment.

If you’re completing this side quest on an NG+ playthrough, there is unique Starborn dialogue to help talk him down and persuade him to turn himself into the authorities. It’s cleaner that way. Otherwise, fire away.

No matter your path, return to Trevor to explain the situation and collect your reward.

Red Tape Reclamation Quest Rewards

For completing Red Tape Reclamation, you will receive quite a few rewards, including:

  • 100 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)
  • Deimos Spacesuit
  • Deimos Space Helmet
  • Deimos Pack
  • Deimos Cap
  • x50 Iron

As the conclusion to a three-part questline, and certainly one of the more likable side quests in Starfield, the rewards you receive prove adequate.

If you want something with more jumping involved, we recommend tackling The Bounty That Got Away in Cydonia next!

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