Starfield: The Bounty That Got Away Quest Walkthrough

The easiest bounty you'll ever take part in capturing!

Starfield Mars Launchpad
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Starfield features countless side missions that typically involve walking from point A to point B, talking with a single NPC, and then wandering back to speak with the quest giver for a boring payout. That’s not the case with The Bounty That Got Away in Starfield.

How to Start The Bounty That Got Away in Starfield

Starfield Trackers Alliance Agent in Cydonia
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To start The Bounty That Got Away, head inside Cydonia and speak with the Trackers Alliance Agent leaning against the wall to the left-hand side of the entrance. She’ll explain how she’s stuck in Cydonia because of a mistake on her last bounty-hunting job, but she could use your help placing a sensor on the nearby launchpad to track down her missing man.

How to Complete The Bounty That Got Away in Starfield

To complete The Bounty That Got Away, you’ll help the Trackers Alliance Agent place her sensor at the tippy-top of the Mars Launchpad using parkour to jump up the tower through holes in the floor. It’s an exciting side mission that breaks from the norm in Starfield.

The Bounty That Got Away Quest Objectives
Speak with the Tracker Agent
Place the Sensor
Return to the Tracker Agent

Once you have your quest from the Trackers Alliance Agent, it’s time for the long trek to the Mars Launchpad. You can fast-travel there if you have previously discovered the POI. Otherwise, it’s a bit of a walk as you can’t land your spacecraft nearby.

Upon arrival, you’ll note it’s nothing more than a rusting tower of metal walkways and storage containers. You need to traverse the tower in front of the launchpad. The interior is hollow, separated by crumbling floors, with enough space to jump into.

First, start by climbing the walkway to the left-hand side of the launchpad. You need to hit the second floor or so before you can climb inside the tower.

Starfield Mars Launchpad Parkour
Screenshot by Prima Games

Each time you jump to a new floor, you’ll note a stack of crates, a ledge to grab hold of, or a fallen I-beam to clamber up. Use these to make your way higher.

Starfield Bounty Tracking Sensor
Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you’re at the top, the junction box at the end allows enough space to plant the sensor. You want to cross the beam carefully, be wary not to fall off the edge, and hit the action button to plant the sensor.

You can then jump off the side if you want; just be sure to have a boost pack to soften your landing!

The Bounty That Got Away Quest Rewards

For completing The Bounty That Got Away, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 50 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

At level 33, I received 4300 credits.

If you want another easy but interesting side quest in Starfield, we recommend tackling Beer Run in Akila City!

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