Starfield: Primary Sources Quest Walkthrough

The investigative journalist is on the job!

Starfield Nadia Muffaz
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A chance to work with the most famous news agency in the Settled Systems? Here is how to complete Primary Sources in Starfield.

How to Start Primary Sources in Starfield

You can start Primary Sources by speaking with Nadia Muffaz. She’s the young woman behind the front desk at the local SSNN building in the Commercial District of New Atlantis. Aside from ranting about her boss and his overbearing personality, she’s keen to visit The Well and interview some local businesses. Still, the company doesn’t believe sending her down there is a good idea. Instead, you offer to interview the business owners and return with the notes.

How to Complete Primary Sources in Starfield

To complete Primary Sources, you must help Nadia Muffaz at SSNN interview three business owners who operate in The Well. It would be best if you only asked simple questions regarding their business and how things are lately, but don’t expect a warm reception at all times.

Primary Sources Quest Objectives
Speak to Nadia Muffaz
Speak to Theresa at Kay’s House
Speak to Nurse O’Shea at the Medbay
Speak to Henrik at Apex Electronics
Return to Nadia Muffaz

Once you have your quest from Nadia, take an elevator down to The Well. I first stopped at Kay’s House, where Theresa Mason lives and works. Hers is the easiest, as she’s most welcome to answer your questions.

Furthermore, she’ll explain they’ve dealt with a few suspicious individuals recently, and they may be looking to rob UC Surplus next door. You can help her when you’re done with Primary Sources.

Starfield Theresa Mason
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Afterward, head down the block to the Medbay. You’ll find Nurse O’Shea, alone and overwhelmed, working the front counter. She’s dealing with many sick children with flu-like symptoms, but she doesn’t have the experience to diagnose them properly. That’s how her business is going right now, sadly.

Once you’re done with the interview, you can tackle her side quest, Reliable Care.

Starfield Nurse O'Shea
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And lastly, we have Henrik over at Apex Electronics. He’s a bristly character who doesn’t have the time of day for you, so ask your one question and move along. He wants nothing to do with anyone not buying goods from him.

Starfield Henrik at Apex Electronics
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Once you’ve interviewed all three business owners, head back topside and speak with Nadia. She’ll reward you and thank you immensely for your help.

Primary Sources Quest Rewards

For finishing Primary Sources, you will receive the following quest rewards:

  • 50 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

It’s important to note that you will also unlock several side quests, namely Suspicious Activities and Reliable Care.

Once you’re done interviewing, why not tackle Suspicious Activities since you’ve just unlocked it?

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