Starfield: Mob Mentality Quest Walkthrough

A quick shakedown and a quicker shootout.

Starfield The Emporium in Neon
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It seems like the various vendors in Neon are constantly dealing with the local gangs in Ebbside, all trying to make a quick buck with a shakedown or two. Here is how to complete Mob Mentality in Starfield to deal with one such wannabe gangster.

How to Start Mob Mentality

To start Mob Mentality, you’ll likely hear a rumor that Tevin Anastas, the owner of The Emporium, is dealing with some trouble from down below. When you visit the shop, you’ll likely be put off by his abrasive nature and desire for cold-hard cash. But once you push through the gross exterior, you find a merchant trying to make a living while dealing with a thug named Headlock.

It’s time to dish out a little justice…or not.

How to Complete Mob Mentality in Starfield

To complete Mob Mentality, you must help Tevin Anastas deal with his pest problem, Headlock, which threatens to shutter his business due to constant harassment. You have a few options for completing this quest, so keep your eyes peeled.

Mob Mentality Quest Objectives
Speak to Tevin Anastas
Ask Frankie About Headlock
Deal with Headlock
Return to Tevin

Once you speak with Tevin, he’ll explain how Headlock, a two-bit gangster from Ebbside, continuously harasses him. It’s made him depressed, and he’s looking for any type of help possible.

You will need to track down Headlock, which typically means a visit to Frankie. On the surface, she’s nothing more than a small-time vendor in Ebbside, but her secret is that she’s actually on the pulse of all crime in the underside of Neon. She will know where to find Headlock.

Starfield Headlock
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Unfortunately (?), Headlock now works for the Seokguh Syndicate in Ebbside, which means he’s contacted and no longer traveling alone to hit marks. You will find him in Warehouse 04, at the far end of Ebbside, and he has a small handful of guards with him.

You can persuade him to stop the harassment campaign against The Emporium, which requires a skill check, or just pull out your firearm and remove the entire warehouse. I opted for path two, as my current character is morally good and has finished the UC Vanguard questline.

Once he’s dealt with, no matter which path you choose, return to Tevin. Surprisingly, he doesn’t mind that I killed Headlock.

Mob Mentality Quest Rewards

For finishing Mob Mentality, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 100 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

You can expect a few thousand credits for your trouble. And hey, for once, a side quest in Neon actually lets you experience a bit of combat. A miracle, right?

If you’re enjoying the criminal underworld in Neon, we recommend tackling The Audition next.

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