Starfield: Last Resort Quest Walkthrough

Restoring the air to paradise.

Starfield Emilian Vasilescu
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On the surface, Paradiso is a beautiful and expensive resort for the wealthiest of the Settled Systems. But underneath the surface, things don’t work as intended, which is why you need to complete Last Resort in Starfield!

How to Start Last Resort in Starfield

To start Last Resort in Paradiso, you must track down Emilian Vasilescu. He’s down near the beach, directly beside those gorgeous half-glass villas overlooking the water, just past the path outside the hotel lobby. He’s a charismatic employee of Paradiso who wants to help you have the best experience possible, but mechanical woes in the background prove complicated. He requires help in tracking down new air filters for the resort to keep things running smoothly.

How to Complete Last Resort in Starfield

To complete Last Resort, you must take the recall claim ticket from Emilian, travel to Gagarin Landing, speak with Akachi about the equipment, and help her resolve her current technical troubles that stop both you and her from delivering the goods on time.

Last Resort Quest Objectives
Speak to Emilian Vasilescu
Give the Recall Claim to Akachi
Wait Until 11:00 Gagarin Local Time (Operation: Fix the Computer)
Return to Emilian

Overall, Last Resort is nothing more than a simple fetch quest. You will talk to Emilian, who will tell you about a recent recall of the air filters the resort utilizes. They need replacements to keep the air running smoothly in the resort, and he has no one to pick up the shipment.

Starfield Akachi
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You’ll travel to Gagarin Landing, where you can find Akachi working in a storage facility in the center of town. Unfortunately, her system isn’t working properly. You can wait until 11:00 Local Time for a technician to fix the system by sitting and waiting at the nearby bar. Or, better yet, if you have the skills (Security) you can fix the computer terminal yourself.

Starfield Computer Terminal
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I chose to fix the computer. It was quicker and easier, and she’ll have you on your way with a big ol’ thanks in no time.

Once you have the new air filters, return to Paradiso to speak with Emilian.

Last Resort Quest Rewards

For completing Last Resort, you will receive the following quest rewards:

  • 75 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

Again, this is a fetch quest. It isn’t tough to complete; it’s just time-consuming because you must travel from Porrima to Alpha Centauri.

If you want a side quest with more action, we recommend Groundpounder!

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