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Starfield: How to Complete Beautiful Secrets Mission

Doctor-patient confidentiality is more like a guideline, right?

You know what they say about doctor-patient confidentiality, right? It’s only good so long as the doctor doesn’t misplace their data slate while on break at the local Whetstone. Theoretically, if something like this were to happen, then the entire Enhance! in New Atlantis would be caught up in quite the scandal. Unfortunately, that’s what happened. Here is how to complete Beautiful Secrets in Starfield!

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Beautiful Secrets Walkthrough

LocationCommercial District, New Atlantis, Jemison, Alpha Centauri
Quest GiverWarner Connell
Rewards100 XP / Credits (Based on Player Level)
ObjectivesFind Warner’s Lost Data Slate
Give the Slate to Warner

Upon visiting the local Enhance! in New Atlantis, you’ll find a few unique dialogue options for its owner, Warner Connell, including some back-and-forth about confidentiality and patient care. Both parties would agree it’s bad for business to lose patient information, and unfortunately, that’s precisely what Warner did recently while on lunch. He misplaced a data slate.

He’s tasked you with discreetly tracking down the data slate and returning it to him.

Find Warner’s Lost Data Slate

After you speak with Warner and receive the Beautiful Secrets side quest, leave Enhance! and immediately turn right. You’ll head directly toward the SSNN building and take the ramp to the next level.

You’ll find the Whetstone Restaurant at the very top of the ramp, directly ahead on the path. It’s a common haunting ground for the local shopkeepers, and Warner visited recently for a break.

Step inside the restaurant, turn left toward the tables, and head to the backside along the far wall. Sitting on one of the tables is the missing data slate.

Once you pick up the slate, it’s as easy as returning to Enhance.

Give the Slate to Warner

Once you return, speak with Warner again and tell him you found the data slate. He’ll thank you profusely, then reward you. It’s a few credits that vary depending on your level, along with some experience points. Overall, it’s a straightforward side quest for a few quick credits.

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