Starfield: Drydock Blues HopeTech Quest Walkthrough

A helping hand from a budding industrialist.

Starfield Hopetech Sales Counter
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If you’re the type to start a playthrough to become a big-rig cargo hauler across the Settled Systems, then you’re in luck. Here’s how to complete Drydock Blues: HopeTech in Starfield.

How to Start Drydock Blues: HopeTech in Starfield

To begin Drydock Blues: HopeTech, you must enter HopeTech in Hopetown and speak with the woman behind the sales counter. You can ask her about any jobs, and she’ll tell you about a hauling gig for someone needing resources.

If you want the payday, take the job and start producing the resources necessary to complete the delivery.

How to Complete Drydock Blues: HopeTech in Starfield

To complete Drydock Blues: HopeTech, you must deliver the specific resource, usually in a quantity ranging from 500 to 5000, to the intended recipient. The resources and individuals are random, but they pay exceptionally well. You will receive twice the price of selling at the Trade Authority.

Drydock Blues: HopeTech Quest Objectives
Speak to Sales
Speak to the Individual
Deliver the Resources

Unless you’ve spent a lot of time collecting resources during your journey to Hopetown, you may need to either farm the resource (it takes a long time!) or construct an outpost to produce it on your behalf. I recommend the latter. Have you ever tried to farm 5000 iron personally? It’s time-consuming and seemingly impossible. Just go with the outpost method.

Starfield Kreet Outpost
Screenshot by Prima Games

With an outpost built and the resources underway, wait until you have the required amount. Once you do, hand deliver them to the recipient. It’s crucial to note that you can provide the goods in batches. For instance, if you have 250 beryllium out of 500, you can still deliver and return with the rest later.

And once again, you’ll receive payment for every resource you deliver. It’s a lucrative side gig for a space trucker.

Drydock Blues: HopeTech Quest Rewards

For finishing Drydock Blues: HopeTech, you will receive the following quest rewards:

  • 50 XP
  • Credits (1500 – 15,000)

The amount you receive depends on how much of the resource the recipient requires.

Despite not involving any action, this is a fun little side gig that immerses you in the world of Starfield.

But if you do want action, we cannot recommend Groundpounder enough.

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