Starfield: Blast Zone Quest Walkthrough

See rock. Smash!

Starfield Ngodup Tate
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Is anything as satisfying as finishing a simple side quest and raking in a few thousand credits for the work? This quest from Mr. Tate in Akila City is one such job, and here’s how you can complete Blast Zone in Starfield for yourself.

How to Start Blast Zone

To start Blast Zone in Starfield, take a trip to Akila City and then walk around the backside of The Rock in the center of town. On the left-hand side, you’ll find the lone realtor standing in front of the manor. This is Mr. Tate, and he’s a bit sleazy at first glance but is genuinely trying to help those less fortunate in the city. His current project is to clear a bunch of hard rock for new construction to house the poor. But he needs help with the former portion of the job.

How to Complete Blast Zone in Starfield

To complete Blast Zone in Starfield, you must use a cutter to smash up the hard rock plaguing the landscape in Akila City so that Mr. Tate can construct new homes for down-on-their-luck folks in the lower wards.

Blast Zone Quest Objectives
Speak to Mr. Tate
Clear Out the Hard Rock on Tate’s Land
Report Back to Ngodup Tate

After you speak with Mr. Tate, he’ll explain the situation. He’s behind schedule, and the work crew should have cleared out the hard rock, preventing construction. But no one is capable of doing the job until you come along.

If you don’t have a cutter on hand, like me, then Mr. Tate will provide you with one. It’s most gracious of him, seeing as I ditched my cutter about ten levels back.

Starfield Hard Rock
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With the cutter equipped, head down the stairs or use a boost pack to leap over the edge and down the path below. Here, you’ll find six hard rocks. With just a few seconds of the cutter, you’ll have each one cleared away in no time.

Once you’re done, head back up the stairs behind you to the third level, where Mr. Tate awaits word of your progress.

Blast Zone Quest Rewards

For completing Blast Zone, which is perhaps the most uncomplicated side quest in Akila City, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 55 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

Overall, this is—hands down—one of the easiest quests in Akila City. Perhaps the entire game. It’s easier than completing the prologue, which involves basically the same process but drawn out exponentially.

But hey, if you want easy credits to upgrade your weapon or buy a new ship part, Mr. Tate has your back. Otherwise, we recommend tackling The Great Laredo Caper for a side quest that proves a touch more exciting!

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