Starfield: All New Game Plus Universes That We Know Of

Explore alternate realities while becoming stronger and more powerful, like The Hunter!

Starfield New Game Plus
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Starfield features one of the most unique New Game Plus mechanics I’ve stumbled upon in recent years. When you enter NG+ in Starfield, the entire universe can change and twist, becoming an alternate reality of what you previously experienced.

These are all the New Game Plus universes we know of in Starfield!

Every New Game Plus Universe in Starfield

In total, not counting the ordinary reality, you can discover ten unique universes by entering NG+ in Starfield. These include:

  • An Alternate You
  • Starborn Cora Coe
  • Child-run Constellation
  • An Evil You
  • Multiple Versions of You
  • The Hunter
  • Andreja Goes Evil
  • Walter Takes Control
  • Lonely Vasco
  • The Plant Version of Sarah Morgan

As you can see, these realities are rather odd. They change how you approach the main quest in some ways, making the game slightly more challenging in some spots.

Normal Constellation

Starfield Barrett Constellation Companion
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This is the most common reality you will return to when starting a new game plus in Starfield. It’s the same as your old reality, with all of the members of Constellation. However, you can reveal your origins to the group and explain the power of the Artifacts.

An Alternate You

In this version of reality, you will stumble upon yourself. You—another version of you—discover the Artifact for Argos Extractors, then deliver it to Constellation. Just like you did in your first playthrough. But now there are two of you. You can even recruit yourself as a companion.

Starborn Cora Coe

Starfield Cora Coe
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Do you remember sweet Cora Coe? In your previous reality, she was an innocent child who loved to read, but in this one, she’s a powerful Starborn who leads a Spacer party. She’s under the impression that you harmed her father, Sam Coe, and wants revenge. Let her know if you didn’t let Sam Coe die in your previous reality. Otherwise, she’s going to fight you.

Child-run Constellation

In perhaps the strangest alternate reality, you’ll walk into Constellation Lodge and discover children are running it. Well, it’s not precisely running the organization. They’re role-playing as Constellation members, and they immediately recognize you as the last member of the space exploration group. As such, they hand over their findings: the Artifacts and star charts.

An Evil You

Like the other reality where you can meet yourself, this one features another version of you, only evil. The evil version of you attacks Constellation, leaving its members for dead. You’ll need to fight yourself in one epic battle before rescuing Sarah Morgan and retrieving the Artifacts.

Multiple Versions of You

The old Constellation is no longer; now, there is only you. To be precise, they’re all Starborn versions of you, so they understand your plight. Instead of the usual members, like Sam and Barrett, you’ll find versions of you taking their place, acting like the old members. They even dress like them. But they’ll help you with the Artifacts and star charts all the same.

The Hunter

The Hunter Starfield
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In this version of reality, The Hunter wins. He kills off everyone in Constellation, steals the Artifacts and star charts, and eagerly awaits your arrival. But instead of fighting you, he hands everything over and explains how excited he is to see what you do next with this newfound power. It’s confusing and sometimes downright infuriating.

Andreja Goes Evil

Starfield Andrea Aggie's Bar
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There was always something a bit off about Andreja. It was primarily due to her origins with House Va’ruun, right? But in this reality, she doesn’t shy away from her upbringing. Instead, she revels in it, taking over Constellation with House Va’ruun Zealots. You must fight her and the entire posse to recover the Artifacts.

Walter Takes Control

Walter Stroud at Constellation Lodge
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Always the businessman, this version of reality sees Walter Stroud taking control of Constellation and running it like a company. He’s willing to sell you the Artifacts for the measly sum of 100,000 credits. Alternatively, if you have the Industrialist background, he’ll hand them over for free through a persuasion check. If you can’t or won’t pay, however, Walter and his armed bodyguards will attack, unfortunately.

Lonely Vasco

All Names Vasco Can Say in Starfield
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He may not be human, but he’s still an extraordinary member of Constellation. Sadly, this version of reality sees Vasco utterly alone in the Constellation Lodge. He reveals The Hunter arrived and killed everyone else, leaving Vasco to meet and greet you. Thankfully, your robotic companion will hand over all of the Artifacts and star charts.

The Plant Version of Sarah Morgan

And the last version is the weirdest. Upon arriving at Constellation Lodge, you’ll find it eerily empty except for a house plant on the railing. The plant is named Sarah Morgan, and it won’t speak to you or do anything besides sit there. Thankfully, Noel appears and hands over the Artifacts, allowing you to continue your journey.

No matter which reality you’re a part of in New Game Plus in Starfield, we recommend tracking down and completing Operation Starseed. It’s a fantastic side quest with a unique narrative and whacky characters to meet!

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