Starfield: A Tree Grows in New Atlantis Quest Walkthrough

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Starfield A Tree Grows in New Atlantis Quest Giver
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As is typical with Starfield’s various side quests, you’ll stumble upon this one by wandering through the streets of New Atlantis. Here is how to complete A Tree Grows in New Atlantis in Starfield.

How to Complete A Tree Grows in New Atlantis in Starfield

You might discover this unique side quest by listening in on someone, usually UC Security, talking about a scientist standing by a tree. Alternatively, you might stumble upon Kelton Frush, the scientist in question, organically standing by said tree in the Commercial District. No matter how you start the side quest, he wants your help.

Specifically, Kelton requires data about the tree that may wind up being the lifeblood of New Atlantis. He has placed bio-sensors around the various districts, and he’d like you to collect them.

  • Bio Sensor 1
    • Not too far from the tree, along the path in the MAST District, you’ll find the first bio-sensor.
  • Bio Sensor 2
    • Still in the MAST District, near the MAST building itself, you’ll find the second bio-sensor to the side near the pond.
  • Bio Sensor 3
    • In the Residential District, you’ll find the third bio-sensor in the crook of a tree near Pioneer Tower.
  • Bio Sensor 4
    • The fourth and final bio-sensor was located in the Commercial District, up the ramp beside Terrabrew Coffee. Unfortunately, someone sold the sensor to UC Distribution. You can talk to the vendor to get it back.

Once you’ve acquired each of the bio-sensors, return to Kelton. He’ll want the data and, in exchange, will provide you with experience points and credits.

A Tree Grows in New Atlantis Rewards

For tracking down the bio-sensors for Kelton as part of A Tree Grows in New Atlantis, you’ll receive the following:

  • 100 XP
  • Credits

Like most side quests in Starfield, the number of credits you receive will depend on your level.

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