Star Ocean The Divine Force: A Long-Awaited Message Quest Guide

Star Ocean, why are you like this

I’ve written about Star Ocean The Divine Force and its wonky side-questing structures multiple times now. And yet, there’s still a new way for this game to be confusing. Along your journey, you’ll meet a guy who hasn’t received his usual letter from mom back home. So you’re put on the quest called “A Long-Awaited Message.” And at first, it seems like there’s something wrong. How the hell do you finish this quest? I (finally) have an answer.

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So here’s the rub with A Long-Awaited Message. You actually have to find and complete a totally different side quest first, and unless I was really not paying attention the game did not communicate this. So yeah, we have to go through that first. You’ll find this guy’s mother in a house all the way at the bottom of Rythal’s map. Talking to her sends you on a quest called “A Healing Herb.”

For this one, you need to hop over to the Cottorinth Mountain Pass. Your job is to collect six Dillwhips, a special herb that seems to grow only at the entrance and only when this quest is active. That seems really bad for the local ecosystem, but who’s to say? You might have to reload the map once or twice since all six might not spawn together at once. Bring the Dillwhips back to the lady to wrap that up. Then, speak to her again to continue the quest we’re here for in the first place.

She just gives you the letter, and you can fast travel back over to the guy loitering around the Aucerian Highroad yelling at passers-by about his ma.

And with that, we’re done with the weirdest quest chain I’ve seen in a JRPG in a while. I love this game, I really do. But sometimes it confuses me.

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