Spider-Man 2 Parry
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Spider-Man 2: How to Parry

Chill on the dodge

Combat has improved quite a bit in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and to keep up with the chaos against Kraven’s crew, you’ll need to know how to parry. The good news is that both Spider-Men start the game with the ability by default, and with enough practice, shattering enemy attacks will be easy.

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How to Parry in Spider-Man 2

To parry in Spider-Man 2, you need to tap L1 as soon as an enemy attack turns red. When enemies are about to hit you, they will have a white aura that shows your current dodge window. Once it turns red, you have a brief second to perform a perfect dodge or execute a parry. Both of these will take some practice.

Parry Spider-Man 2
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Any time you land a successful parry, you will see a quick animation with a deflect from Peter or Miles. If you have the parry skills unlocked under the shard skill tree, then you have another brief window to follow up with a special attack. I usually like to use the disarm that causes the enemy I parried to drop their weapon. But the Web Blast is also a great alternative with more impact.

Is it Better to Perfect Dodge or Parry in Spider-Man 2?

The parry mechanic and the perfect dodge are both fantastic tools in combat. However, they have different uses, and the “better” option will depend on your build. Dodging is typically easier to pull off and has uses for range. Parrying allows you to escape heavy hits and deal with close-quarters fights to a higher degree.

Your skills will also determine which defensive method is more useful. The health section of the Suit Upgrades allows you to choose from healing on perfect dodges or parry mechanics. It’s yet another factor to think about as you fly around in combat as either Spider-Man.

Before you get used to parrying, find out which difficulty level is best for you in Spider-Man 2.

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