Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Which Difficulty Should You Choose? – Challenge Level Explained

Find out which difficulty you should play on in Spider-Man 2.

With a variety of options available, players can customize their upcoming journey into New York City to make it as easy or as difficult as they see fit, so let’s find out which difficulty option you should pick to do everything a Spider-Man does.

Which Difficulty Options Are Available In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

When you first start Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you’ll be presented with the following difficulty options:

  • Friendly Neighborhood – Very Easy
  • Friendly – Easy
  • Amazing – Normal/Medium
  • Spectacular – Hard

However, what players may not know is that the option for a custom difficulty level also exists, where you can fine-tune every aspect of the experience to be more inviting even for the most casual or hardcore of gamers.

While playing the game, you’ll want to follow these steps to access this particular portion of the Difficulty Options:

  • Press the Options Button (Pause)
  • Select Settings
  • Select Gameplay

Inside this menu, you’ll have the opportunity to change all of the different portions of the game to suit your gaming style. From Enemy Health upgrades or Downgrades to the power of the Auto Aim, you’ll have a variety of choices to mess around with. You’ll find these settings available to tweak in the section listed:

  • Challenge Level
  • Enemy Health
  • Enemy Damage
  • Stealth Awareness
  • Simplify Puzzles
  • Dodge/Parry Timing
  • Chase Assist
  • Game Speed
  • Enhanced Auto Aim
  • QTE Autocomplete
  • Auto-Heal
  • Swing Steering Assistance
  • Slow Corner Timescale
  • Webline Bending
  • Fall Damage

That’s an awful lot of things you can mess around with, isn’t it? Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 does an excellent job of making anyone feel like the Webhead themselves, so be ready for anything when you jump into this experience with our Spider-Man 2 section below. Get your hands on plenty of guides and helpful hints, such as locating Hero Tokens and Rare Tech Parts, so you can always keep your Spider-Men decked out in the latest and greatest Gadgets.

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