How to Get Rare Tech Parts and Hero Tokens in Spider-Man 2

Where can you get your hands on these parts?

Progressing through the world of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will require a fair number of gadgets and gizmos to give Peter and Miles an advantage against the countless foes they’ll encounter on their adventure.

Knowing where to get these special parts that can help you upgrade your new toys to their maximum level is essential, so let’s swing right in and find out where we need to start searching.

Where To Get Rare Tech Parts In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

As you begin your adventure, you’ll find that standard Tech Parts are relatively easy to come by. You can obtain these base parts in various ways, but completing standard Crimes will be one of the easiest ways to make this happen. To obtain Rare Tech Parts, however, you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for the following:

  • Prowler Caches (Obtained after speaking to Uncle Aaron in the Story with Miles)
  • Hunter Blinds
  • Participating in EMF Experiments
  • Completing “Unidentified Targets” missions

By navigating to the menu by pressing on the touchpad, you’ll also have the ability to find out where these tokens are. By pressing the Triangle button on any Gadget that you have yet to unlock, or a Gadget you’d like to upgrade, you can see where you can find these particular tokens, as well. Once you find one, you’ll have this list to remind you in the future.

Obtaining Tech Parts, however, is relatively easy. By completing standard Crimes, alongside a variety of other quick missions, you can get your hands on plenty of Tech Parts that can be used to upgrade your equipment and start pushing you toward becoming the best Spider-Man you can be.

Where To Get Hero Tokens In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Much like Rare Tech Parts, you’ll need to search far and wide throughout the newly revamped city to get your hands on plenty of these particular parts. However, the Hero Tokens will be rare until you make it through about 50% of the story. To get your hands on Hero Tokens, you’ll want to participate in the following tasks:

  • Complete Side-Quests
  • Work through the Mysteriums found throughout the City (Mid-Way point of the game)
  • Complete Districts

While working toward getting these Tokens, you’ll likely amass plenty of Rare Tech Parts alongside the standard Tech Parts that bring these gadgets to life. Hero Tokens will be some of the most difficult collectibles, so don’t get discouraged if you haven’t yet gotten your hands on many of them.

No matter if you’re jumping into Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 without knowing what happened in the past, or you just need an excuse to dust off your PlayStation 5, we’ve got you covered in our section below. Prepare yourself for a blast through New York City, and be ready for anything that comes your way with our help.

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